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Overwatch Patch Notes 2.89 Patch Notes Bring Quality of Life Enhancements and Important Bug Fixes



Overwatch Patch Notes

Overwatch Patch Notes

Blizzard recently released Overwatch Patch Notes 2.89 across PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The update brings some notable changes to the game such as quality-of-life enhancements, stability/performance improvements, and bug fixes. Here is a complete list of patch notes for this update:

Under watch 2.89 Overwatch Patch Notes


Corrected an issue with the Little Red Ashe skin which animated incorrectly when canceling out of the ‘Take a Knee’ to emote.


Fixed an issue where Baptiste’s Immortality Field disc would appear too large during his highlight intro preview pose.


Fixed a bug in the kill feed that displayed an Echo clone’s death even when it wasn’t being destroyed.


Fix for Orisa’s Halt ability that caused a fire effect on the ground when used with Demon skin.


General Bug Fixes (PC Only)

Resolved an issue with Mei’s Snowball Offensive’s Custom Game loading issue.

Addressed a flaw in the Anniversary loot box screen camera where it would focus on the Anniversary lobby background, leading to confusion regarding loot box content.

This recent patch for PC users addressed an issue with stability for those who have Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire configurations, providing a much-needed fix. With this change, those with these systems should now enjoy improved Overwatch performance.

Full Overwatch Experimental 2.89 Update Patch Notes

Recently, several major changes were made to the Experimental mode of the game. Here’s a breakdown of all those tweaks:


Focused Beam’s range has been reduced from 20m to 16m; Genji


Shuriken General Damage has been increased from 28 to 30 points.

The secondary Fire Spread has been reduced from 12 to 9

  • Duration has been extended from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Deflect can now be manually canceled when desired. Hanzo
  • Storm Arrows – Damage has been increased from 60 to 70
  • Moira
  • Primary Fire – Healing per second has been increased from 65 to 70
  • Secondary Fire – Damage per second has been decreased from 50 to 40

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