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Northern Kenya Bombing Attacked Killed Four KeNHA Engineers



Northern Kenya Bombing Attacked

Now days The Northern Kenya Bombing Attacked a hot topic all over world. On Wednesday 11th January 2023 a attacked, of The Northern Kenya. 

A team of Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) engineers was on  attacked by suspected Al-Shabaab elements on the Old Lapsset Road in Garissa.

The Northern Kenya Bombing Attack is still a topic of much discussion on social medioa, particularly among those who were there.

The current atmosphere is one of terror, as no one could have imagined that they would come across something like this. This could prove to be dangerous for them.  But now not clear who is the mastermind of behind thjis accident.

Northern Kenya Bombing Attacked?

According to official reports, Kenya police released a statement on Wednesday 11th January 2023 stating that a convoy comprising engineers from Kenya National Highways Authority was attacked by AI-Shabaab elements at the old Lapset road, Garrisa, just before sunrise.


Northern Kenya Bombing Attacked

Police said a vehicle hit an improvised explosive roadside bomb planted by suspected terrorists that killed three Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) engineers

There have been numerous terrorist attacks in Kenya since 2013. The group has targeted several towns and security personnel in Kenya.

The concerned authorities are currently investigating the matter and trying to determine the truth. Executing something so lethal as this is an act of extreme sadness.

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According to official reports, engineers were working on Highway evolution and their hard work was admirable. However, on Wednesday, a group assassins attacked the premises while inflicting injuries through equipment. They then rushed back so no one could catch them.

The bombs that were dropped on the area where engineers were working were terrorist activity. This is why the area was taken while the armed forces are still there. They would have the opportunity to do the exploit again if they had done so, but it would have been devastating for the whole area.


The Northern Kenya Bombing remains a hot topic. Charles Owino is the national police spokesperson and said they are looking for the culprits.

An Al Shabaab-related attack which killed 148 people at Garissa University College, eastern Kenya, earlier in the year. As everyone feels their pain, social media has seen an increase in the number of people sharing their emotions.

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