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Nikita Pathakji Winb Master Chef | Professionals Champin 2022



Today, we will be talking about Nikita Pathakji, also known as Derby chef. She won the competition 2022  in the prestigious BBC cooking competition and her named Masterchef The Professionals champion 2022. Her fans were numerous all over country. For more than six years, she has been a professional chef.

People love her and share their pride in her. Commenting on social networks is a popular trend. There are also many people asking questions about her on social networking. In this article, we will discuss her personal life as well as what happened at the contest.

A 25-year old was chosen as the 2022 winner in the prestigious BBC cooking competition. He had to defeat 31 of the most skilled and top chefs. Complete all tasks and challenges, including aiming and achieving them.

There are three judges: Anna Haugh (Michelin-starred chef), Marcus Wareing (Michelin-starred chef), and Gregg Wallace (seasoned MasterChef star). She was named the Masterchef Professionals champion, and was also crowned the 16th Masterchef Professionals champion. She reached the top of the tournament after six weeks of hard work.

Where was last night’s grand final?

The fifth-star Lanesborough Hotel in London hosted Chef’s Table. The guests included Matt Abe (3* Restaurant Gordon Ramsay), Nieves Barragan Mohacho (1* Sabor), Lisa Goodwin Allen (1* Northcote), Jason Atherton (3* The Social Company) and Monica Galetti (3* MasterChef judge).

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Which Dishes Were In Final Win Menu  ?

It began with sea bass curing in citrus dressing, smoked aubergine purée, spicy red pepper puree and preserved lemon with pomegranate, preserved olive oil, and aubergine crisps.


Nikita was inspired by her favorite Thai dish, khao soi. Her main course was crispy chicken legs, tortellini with chicken, mushrooms, coriander, and coriander oil. It was topped with homemade sev and crispy chicken skin, dusted with chilli powder.

Interst In Food

Nikita recollects that her first memory of food was when she was a child, and her mother cooking Indian food. According to her, cooking is in her blood. Food is a complete obsession in her family, she told The Times. She spoke to Derbyshire Live and said that her earliest memories were of cooking with her mother as a child. ‘With my Indian heritage, I used to roll chapatis.

My mother would give me one to use on the floor. But it was something we did in the kitchen together. ‘\ Her mum was also the one who took Nikita to her first Michelin star restaurant when she was 14. It happened to be Marcus Wareing, Masterchef judge. Nikita said that she had ‘come full circle’ in being named the winner by Marcus 11-years later. Later, she credited her mom as “the reason I got into fine-dining scene”.

Nikita said that she didn’t intend to be a chef initially, because her family was very academic. She admitted that she loved cooking with her father and sister, and she enjoyed watching the chefs cook. She stated that she had never considered cooking until after high school. However, it is a rewarding career. While studying for her A-levels in Chemistry, she realized that food was her life path.

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