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Nepal Plane Crash Died 68 Passengers Yeti Airline LiveVideo



Nepal Plane Crash Shared Tweet

Nepal Plane Crash Died 68 Passengers Yeti Airline Live Video: A heart ful breaking news come out from Nepal On sunday 15/23 plane crashed between the Pokhara and kathmandu. The entire country was shocked by a terrible incident that occurred in Nepal.

This terrible news broke all over the world. This news is being covered by all major media outlets worldwide. Nepal Aviation Authority confirmed the news.

The plane carried around 72 passengers and 4 crew members. It occurred between the Pokhara and kathmandu.

According to official latest reports till now 68 passengers died and now other passenger struggle in hospital if any latest update come I will difinitly shared with you

According to l Nepal’s new airports and Yeti airlines, the flight was operated by 72 passengers. The remaining 4 crew members were also on board.


One Australian, one French, and one Russian passenger were among the officials from the foreign countries on board.

Two South Koreans, four Indians, five South Koreans, and one Irish citizen were also present. The accident site is being reconstructed by the emergency service.

Nepal Plane Crash

Social media was abuzz with the news and many people shared multiple videos of the horific crash.

Some videos show that the plane’s horrific crash caused it to explode and create dense black smoke. It was also completely damaged.

Nepal Plane Crash

According to the emergency services, they expect that some of the aircraft’s bodied will be recovered.


In the past, Nepal has witnessed many aviation disasters. 68 people were killed in a March plane crash. The latest incident, however, is the most fatal in at least 30 years.

An ATR-72 was flying on a flight between Kathmandu and Pokhara. An Australian and four other crew members were also present onboard.

There were also 15 foreign nationals and at least four Russians who died. Some bodies were found while others are being recovered by emergency services.

The scene of the crash is captured in videos that show thick black smoke rising from it. The footage also shows a fiery crater in ground. While some are trying to put out the flames, others are trying pull the bodies out.


A local resident claimed that the plane fell in half into a river canyon. The wreckage was also located between two hills making it difficult to access. Nearby, several hundred rescue workers were visible searching for the wreckage.

The emergency services are working to put out the flames and rescue the passengers. A five-member commission was also formed by the Nepalese government in order to investigate the accident. This panel is expected to report in 45 days.

The crash has triggered a national mourning state in Nepal. The country declared a day to mourn and the Prime Minister called an emergency cabinet meeting in order to address the issue.

He appealed to the security personnel and the public to assist in the search and recovery operation. Follow for more updates like Us , and world news, And some Trending topic.


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