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10 Narcissist Cheating Patterns



Narcissist Cheating Patterns

Narcissist cheating patterns: If your spouse has already cheated, there is a high likelihood that they will do so again. However, it is a waste of time to notify someone that you would not accept cheating. Read on to know more about the cheating patterns of a narcissist.

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Patterns of Cheating by Narcissists

Narcissist Cheating Patterns

If your spouse has already cheated, there is a high likelihood that they will do so again. However, it is a waste of time to notify someone that you would not accept cheating. The greatest way to avoid problems is to communicate openly and honestly. Accept them and encourage them to discuss their sexual escapades.

Allow your partner to tell you when they have feelings for someone else. If you stress out or become furious, they will just hide it from you. An attraction that you and your partner can joke about and incorporate into your own dreams and sex life is far less dangerous than a secret one.

Take the time to get to know your sweetheart in order for them to open up about previous indiscretions. “What’s the sneakiest thing you’ve ever done?” asks a fun question.


10 Cheating Patterns Of Narcissist

A narcissist is someone who is charming, says precisely what you want to hear, and may be dishonest. They lack self-control and accountability. Braggadocio might hide a wounded soul, alcohol, drug, or gambling addiction. Emotionally, they’re at the 2-year-old narcissistic stage. You’re dealing with an emotionally immature adult.

Here are 10 cheating patterns of a narcissist.

Their everyday routines evolves

Your partner, who has never been late getting home, is now coming home unexpectedly (or steadily getting later). It’s possible that they’ve started dressed better or stopped answering the phone.

They bring “guilt presents” home

Your partner never gave flowers a second thought before, but now suddenly brings them home on a regular basis for no apparent reason.

Extra bills pop up

Is your partner making unexplained financial outlays that seem to be becoming larger? Unknown charges on a credit card are frequently the tip-off that leads to the cheater being eventually caught in the act of cheating.


They cease discussing work

If your partner suddenly stops talking to you about what’s going on at work, it’s possible that they’re trying to conceal something from you.

They are sexually disinterested (with you)

It’s possible that they are getting their sexual needs satisfied with someone else if they aren’t interested in having sex with you. To add insult to injury, this is one of the telltale signals that the narcissist is finished with you.

Alternatively, they develop sexual demands

Cheaters excuse their extramarital affairs and compulsive sexual activity by believing that they have a right to sexual fulfillment in whatever shape it takes.

They are secretive regarding their phone and computer

Do you get the impression that your partner is hesitating more frequently to show you their phone or computer? They are probably trying to cover up the repercussions of cheating or having an affair.

They’re frequently online

It’s possible that your partner is cheating on you if they start spending a lot more time online without a good, rational explanation for it, like working more hours at their job.


They become unexpectedly untrustworthy

Your partner used to be trustworthy in terms of keeping appointments and dates. Now, they consistently break their appointments and provide excuses, which may be an indication that they are cheating.

They have been unfaithful in past relationships

Cheaters are dishonest. Since of this, it is not a good idea to be married to someone who was having an affair with you, because when you are the spouse, you will be the one who is cheated on.

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How do you cope with a narcissist who is unfaithful?

Is a cheater cheating to self-medicate with adrenaline, or are they simply immature and narcissistic? These are convoluted, winding inquiries that are difficult to answer. It all boils down to whether their lack of self-control is intentional or obsessive.

Narcissists lie and cheat because they’re self-obsessed. They lack a moral code or empathic abilities to respect others.

Research shows that narcissism is linked to cheating and condoning adultery, even when the narcissist is content in his or her relationship. If infidelity is a pattern, it’s unlikely a narcissist would quit.


A narcissist will never admit to cheating on their relationship. Losing control kills narcissists. Losing control includes leaving. That’s why it’s critical to be safe while leaving a cheating narcissist; if you approach them, they may become angry and/or gaslight you.

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