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Who is Naomi Yomtov? Wife Of Bob Odenkirk



Naomi Yomtov

Naomi Yomtov: Married to actor Bob Odenkirk, Naomi Yomtov is an accomplished actress in her own right. She also works in the entertainment industry. Read on to know more about Naomi.

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Naomi Yomtov (Wife Of Bob Odenkirk)

Naomi Yomtov

Yomtov, Bob Odenkirk’s wife, is a talented performer in her own right and also works in the entertainment industry.

Yomtov is also in the entertainment industry, although he works behind the scenes as a producer and talent manager. He works with a variety of comedians and actresses. The movies “Summer in Argyle,” “No Hard Feelings,” “W/ Bob and David,” “How to Cheat on Your Wife,” “Atom TV,” and others have included her and given her credit.

Yomtov also holds the position of manager for her husband’s company, which initially placed a strain on their marriage. “It’s not easy,” Bob said. “We solved the problem years ago, but we struggled mightily with it for quite some time.”


Yumtov has worked with notable clients such as Bill Hader, Jenna Fischer, Kristen Wiig, and Derek Waters ever since he began his career as a talent manager.

One of her most notable achievements in her husband’s career is the fact that she was successful in persuading him to play Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad” and, subsequently, in “Better Call Saul,” both of which air on AMC.

Naomi’s Relationship With Bob Odenkirk

Yomtov first became acquainted with her future husband in the year 1994, while he was performing in a comedy performance in West Hollywood.

Soon after that, she developed a secret infatuation on Odenkirk, despite the fact that she actively avoided meeting him. The actor pretended he had no interest in meeting them when it was time for introductions.

When their paths once again crossed in Santa Monica, that’s when she became aware that he was paying attention to her.


Their connection became stronger, and in 1997, they decided to make it official by getting married. Nathan and Erin are two children of couple.

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