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Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Update Episode



Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Update Episode

Hey guys today I am excited to explain Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Update Episode All Naagin 6 fans, we are finally back with exclusive updates. The Sunday, January 1, 2022 episode of the show is packed with high-voltage drama and other activities that will overwhelm you. Mehak keeps trying to make Prathna suffer, and she is determined to kill Prathna no matter what, so Mehak plans to trap Prathna before it is too late. You can see video on Voot full episode.

Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Update Episode

The final episode of season 6, ‘Naagin 6’ aired on January 1, 2023. This episode is about Prathna, a naagin princess who is running from Mahek & Seema. While she is trying to regain her powers, she is also struggling to love Rudra. Ruhi promises to take revenge. She is devastated to learn that Vikrant had died. So she agrees to return, but will not reveal her identity. They reunite after 100 years.

Naagin 6 1st January 2023 Written Update Episode

Prathna is visiting the city. Reem, her sister, has married Ritesh. She is receiving a wedding invitation form Rudra and also learns that Rishabh is the father of one of the conspirators. He and his family are joined with Mahek, Seema and Pratha to murder Pratha. Ruhi feels betrayed when she sees Pratha. Pratha’s plan to kill her and her baby is stopped.

Prathna then visits Urvashi, her maternal aunt. It’s her wedding day. Urvashi was kicked out of Naaglok for trying to kill her sister. Pataali saved her however. A poisonous liquid suddenly starts to pour from the skies. The country is then hit with a pandemic. Prathna discovers that her sister Reem is actually a twin brother named Shakti.

Prathna is able to regain her memories. The professor then tells Prathna that she is Shesh Nagin. She must eliminate all conspirators in order to save her country. The Episode begins with Raghu confessing to Prarthana his love and hugging her. It turns out it was his imagination.


Prarthana claps, and says that she didn’t know he played guitar well. Raghu says that he’s hurt and this is the result. Prarthana said that your hand is bleeding. I will clean it and bandage it. He believes he feels the pain of being separated from her. Preeti wraps his hand around his wrist and says, “After your marriage, I will leave here,” Gautam, and Sonia can remain here. Raghu says Preeti.

Prarthana requests him to not stop her. Mahek hears them all and believes she will also lose 9 manis. She believes she just found out. Prarthana arrives at the children’s room. Prarthana is asked by the children to wear the saree she got from her bag. Prarthana remembers buying it at the temple.

The saree is worn by Prarthana when she comes out. Her looks are praised by the children. Prarthana notices a woman standing at the door and inquires about her identity. Pratha is the one who sees her in the same saree. She wonders what she saw and decides to inquire.

She asks her children to take good care of her and promises she will return in the evening. She walks out to the tea and chaat sellers and asks if they have ever seen her. She asks the same question to the lady. Sudha is called Sudha by a goon who sees her.

She tells her that your parents are looking for you and invites her to go with him. Prarthana agrees to go with him. Prarthana worries about Tashak Naag and believes that the Shesh Nagin within her cannot help her today. He believes she will not be in any trouble. The goon knocks her unconscious, clicks, and sends her picture to another goon.


Mahek asks Seema whether she has seen her. Seema replies no. Mahek is worried that she might not go today and she says she would like those 9 manis. Seema believes Prarthana won’t leave the children. Mahek claims that once I get her, she will give me her life and 9 manis. The anklet drops from her foot. The girl grabs the anklet and shouts at her for it to fall from her foot. Seema and Mahek are stunned.

The girl grabs Mahek’s anklet, and runs towards Mahek. She calls her witch. Mahek tells Seema that she will go after her and take her to the police station. She asks Seema to give her the anklet, and she tells her that she was doing make-up. The girl refused and ran.

Vinay meets her and she tells Vinay that his wife was a witch. He laughs and tells him that even he feels this way. He is asked by the girl to come along and see. Seema sprints and sprinkles white powder onto Mahek. Vinay giggles at her white face. Mahek approaches the girl, takes her anklet and threatens her.

Prarthana is held captive by some goons and she asks them about her parents. They tell Prarthana that someone is coming to her aid. Mahek goes looking for Prarthana, and finally finds her at the shop. She is told by the seller that Prarthana, the girl, was looking for her parents and left with a man.

Mahek wonders who she went with. Prarthana is bought by a man. They were about to go out when Mahek came along and attacked the goons. She kills them all and then tells Prarthana that she will now kill her. She holds a knife to her anklet, and then she says that she will get the manis out.


The manis sparkles, but they wouldn’t come out no matter how Mahek tried to stab Prarthana. Seema arrives and says that the naagmanis can be taken out only if Shesh Naagin agrees to it. She says that she had read it in her mother’s book and then shows the page. Prarthana later wakes up and realizes that the goons are on the ground. Mahek informs Prarthana that she saved her life. Prarthana breaks down and huggs her.

They return home. Ananya’s mom is skeptical about Mahek’s intentions, but Mahek informs her that she loves children. Mahek requests the children to bring her snacks, and then asks them to name her Bhabhi. Prarthana/Preeti is sent to the room by her to get something.

Prarthana observes Ananya, the bride, talking to her boyfriend. She tells him that she will continue to have a relationship with him after the marriage. She believes she will tell Raghu. She is about go. Mahek is the girl Ananya, and Ananya is actually unconscious.

Prarthana is stopped by Mahek. Prarthana is told by her mother that she knows of Ananya’s affair. She feels sorry for Raghu and asks Prarthana if she can marry Raghu in order to save him from such a girl. Prarthana agrees to go with her. She dresses her up and takes her downstairs. Prarthana, Raghu and Raghu are now ready for the marriage.

Seema is told by Mahek that she did this to keep her focused. Prarthana sees flashes in black and white of her previous marriage. They get up and start to make rounds. Prarthana recalls a similar incident with her but she is still sleepy. Raghu forces her to wear mangalsutra.


He is about to lift her maang’s ghunghat with sindoor when Mahek stops him. Raghu is about filling sindoor in Raghu’s maang when Ananya arrives and shouts at him to stop. She questions her mother about who she is. Prarthana’s veil is lifted by her mother and all are able to see her.

She becomes angry and burns Prarthana’s mandap, angrily blaming them both for her son’s betrayal and her daughter’s. Her son stops her. The children shout, “Seeing the mandap on Fire!”

Prarthana recalls seeing the mandap being burned. She recalls Mahek executing Rishabh and Rudra, her cousins. She remembers Pratha’s promise. Raghu helps her to get up from the mandap, then lifts her until she falls unconscious. He asks Gautam to bring the children inside, and Sonia agrees.

Raghu takes Prarthana into his room and puts her on the bed. Vinay is scolded by Smriti for his fraud. Mahek arrives and claims they have been betrayed. Raghu arrives and apologizes to Smriti. He says that no one has been betrayed. Prarthana is able to regain consciousness and she finds herself in the same room that Rudra was murdered. She recalls Mahek’s killing of them.

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