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My Wife Yell At Me[Things You Can Do]



My Wife Yell At Me

My Wife Yell At Me: All women are prone to get annoyed with their spouse. As Long As This Doesn’t Happen Frequently it’s good. Read on to know what to do when my wife yell at me.

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My Wife Yells at Me

My Wife Yell At Me

You are just another couple having problems. You need to address the serious issues in your relationship if she continues to rage. Continue reading to know why my wife yell at me.

Here are some things you can do while your wife is angry at you.

1. Determine Her Melting Point

Each woman has her hot spots. This is not a reference to her melting point, but to everyday things that make her crazy. You can make a list of them all.


These should be remembered just as you would your daily prayers and the national anthem. You should immediately notify her if you do anything that could provoke her anger.

2. Give no explanation for your actions

She won’t listen to your side during her fury. Keep your eyes on her. It is important to pay attention to her words. You could get angry and accuse her of neglecting you if you don’t. Do not fight back or make counter-claims.

Take a seat, and treat her verbal attacks like a soldier. Do not tell her to take a break or to relax. This is the type of thing that will only fuel the flames. It is better to be silent when she rants at you.

3. You can agree with her or, even better, you can submit to her

It is not your intention to appear dumb. To project a false sense of approval. Use your body language to show that you are understanding why she is upset.

To show that you are listening, nod your head and occasionally let out a slow sigh. She will yell louder if you don’t. You have a better chance of pleasing her if you surrender to her fury sooner than later.


4. It should not trouble you

It is a common trait for women to vent their emotions via rage tantrums. This is a common trait among spouses around the world. Don’t let her criticisms of your character, career, and even parents get you down.

She probably doesn’t realize that most of the words she uses aren’t yours. Take it as a man. You can allow her to get irritated by sitting down or leaning against the wall. You will become angry if you let these things bother you.

5. Do not flee from the situation

This is probably the most dangerous thing you can do. This is helping to calm your daughter, even though you are in pain. Hormonal difficulties are often the cause of women’s furious vocal outbursts.

You may be helping her to calm down and ensure that she has a more peaceful week. Although it may seem natural to run from the situation, this will only make your wife more angry and bitter. How far can you really get away from any situation involving your wife.

6. A more serious note: Her rage could be a cry to help

Anger outbursts can often be triggered by underlying causes. Your wife might become angry because you have a pattern that reminds her of her father. These concerns should be treated with caution.


You must first identify the root cause. You might offer an apology and seek to resolve the problem. If your wife is suffering from serious emotional issues, you should be there to guide her.

Talk to your wife or tell her that you will accompany her to the counselor. Your wife may need your support to forgive herself and anyone who has hurt her in the past.