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Musician WalyCris Wanyengo Died In Road Accident



WalyCris Wanyengo Died

WalyCris Wanyengo Died: Todays I’m going to share  a very shocking  news about WalyCris Waanyen (Wyson Laifon ), a Nigerians musician, has died on Friday December 23, 2022 at very young  age may be on 25 years old in a road accident. He was born September 25, 1997 at Machinjiri. Since the announcement of his death offically, social media has been flooded with condolence messages and tributes.

The news is out that Achalume’s star was killed in an accident. WalyCris’ friend Phyzix shared this news on Facebook. He said that life was strange and that he was on the right track in their eyes. However, God’s plan was not like that. Check out his death cause and how he died.

Musician WalyCris Wanyengo Died In Road Accident

According to reports WalyCris Wanyengo was killed in a bus crash. According to reports, he was returning from South Africa when a fatal bus accident in Zimbabwe occurred. His sudden death has impacted many people, it is clear. It is hard to believe that the musician has passed away and has left behind his family in deep grief. Many of his followers scatterd condolence with his music and many of relatives tweet with past spendin time.

Who Was Wyson Laifon?

Wyson Laifoh, Malawi’s most prominent musical entrepreneur, died unexpectedly leaving his fans. Laifoh, whose real name is William Chilufu, was a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer with a knack for a good song. He was also the founder and member of the Zembani Band.  He was on a return trip to Zimbabwe when he was knocked off his feet and thrown into a bus which would ultimately end his life. His colleague Phyzix shared his news along with some snarky comments in a tweet.

WalyCris Wanyengo Died

He was born September 25, 1997 at Machinjiri in Blantyre’s Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.  Before he was accepted to Ngumbe Secondary school in Chileka (Blantyre), where he would begin his secondary studies, WalyCris had completed his primary education at St. Kizito Primary school in Limbe. After graduating from Soche Technical College, he continued his motor vehicle engineering studies (SOTEC). WalyCris began recording songs in 2015. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when people started to listen to him.


 Mush @ MushBeats released the first single, “Main Chick”, in 2015. Ronely Patricks from Onedot Filmworks shot the movie’s video. It was then made public. He has released many songs since the beginning of his career.It is difficult to know if the event was a sign or a disaster, but one thing is certain. Laifoh is probably the last man standing among ninety-eight. 

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