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Ming Tsai Wife, Polly Tsai



Ming Tsai Wife

Ming tsai wife: American celebrity chef Ming Tsai married Polly Tsai in April 1996. Simply Ming is in its 16th season.

He hosted “East Meets West” and “Ming’s Quest.” Cornell University awarded him a master’s in hotel management and marketing in 1989. He studied at Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu. Read on to know more about her.

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Polly Tsai, Chef Ming Tsai’s Wife

Ming Tsai Wife

American celebrity chef Ming Tsai married Polly Tsai in April 1996. Simply Ming is in its 16th season. He hosted “East Meets West” and “Ming’s Quest.”

In 1989, he earned a master’s degree in hotel management and hospitality marketing from Cornell University. He enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris for culinary training.


In April 1996, Chef Ming Tsai married his lovely bride Polly Tsai. Polly Tsai is an American celebrity spouse best known as the wife of celebrity chef Ming Hao Tsai.

On September 24, 1977, in Raleigh, North Carolina, she was born in the United States of America.

The lovely pair originally met during a squash match with Polly’s brothers; nevertheless, the two had not revealed the exact date of their first encounter.

In April 1996, Ming and Polly Tsai married. Even after two decades of marriage, the pair is still happy and has no marital troubles.

The couple has two gorgeous children, David and Henry Tsai. David has food sensitivities, which they discovered when he was three years old.


Cancer Update for Polly Tsai

In October 2018, Polly Tsai’s husband, Chef Ming, learns that his wife has stage 4 lung cancer.

The celebrity spouse is presently undergoing therapy on a regular basis and is on a $17,000-per-month prescription.

Polly’s family is doing all they can to assist her. They adore and encourage her, which is crucial since cancer patients are prone to becoming depressed.

Her health is improving after hundreds of therapies and diagnoses. She may take any further time to recover from her fourth stage of lung cancer.

According to the doctors, she still has years to live if she doesn’t give up on her dreams. However, nothing can be stated until the full recovery.


Polly, the husband, received the ‘Impact Award’ from the American Cancer Society in California for his tremendous support and dedication for cancer sufferers.

What happened to Polly Tsai?

Polly Tsai is now fighting and receiving treatment for stage 4 lung cancer.
Her husband announced the news at the American Cancer Society’s California chapter in 2018.

Polly has got substantial financial aid from groups that support and care for cancer sufferers.

Ming’s wife is now undergoing a $17,000 pill therapy. The whole Tsai family has immigrated to the United States and has become one another’s strength.

Her husband told interviewers, “The typical American’s gross income is $53,000, while the average expense of cancer in a family is $85,000 gross.”