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Mike Ruben Dead: Ripley Convention And Visitors Bureau Director Died



Mike Ruben Dead

Mike Ruben Dead: It is very difficult to announce that Mike Ruben, has died On Monday 02/01 at 65 years old. He was a hero of Ripley as well as the director of Ripley Convention & Visitors Bureau. Carolyn Rader, Ripley’s Mayor, confirmed his death and the news is now available online. On Monday 02/01 morning, he died. He was a beloved figure in his community and the world. Many of his friends and family members expressed their sadness on social media. This news shocked his family. Continue reading to learn more about his cause of death.

Visitors Bureau Director Mike Ruben Dead

According to the reports and exclusive sources, his death news was revealed by Carolyn Rader, the Longtime Mayor in Ripley. He also shared a heartfelt message about his passing on social media. His full-time job was not the only thing he did. He also took part in many other activities. His cause of death has not been revealed and an investigation is ongoing.

Mike Ruben Dead


There are many rumors on social media about his death, but no official announcement has been made by his family or friends. We will include any information we have from sources about the cause of his passing in our article.

Who Was Mike Ruben?

Ripley was a small community with a huge name in those days, before radio and TV were commonplace. Mike Ruben was an important figure in the local business community. He was the director of Ripley Convention & Visitors Bureau and helped organize many of the major events in the town. He was also the voice for Ripley High School’s athletic teams and helped to plan the town’s Fourth of July parade.


The Mount Olive Southern Methodist Church is located just a few miles north Ripley. It is one of few landmarks that remain from an earlier era. It was built in 1858 at the intersection with Elk Fork Road, Spencer Pike. You can find old-fashioned southern charm by heading up Elk Fork Road which runs from the town towards Mount Olive.

Stop by the Ben Bord Cemetery while you’re there. It is high above Joe’s Run. There are two cemeteries within the vicinity. The area also once housed the first Reedy-born white child. The area was a frontier of forested land in the 1800s. The little town was named for a young minister because of this. The area was actually a peaceful enclave, despite its shady name. Reedy, unlike nearby Belleville and Warth’s Bottom was unaffected by the settlers’ axe.

Reedy’s charming old cemetery is one of its most striking features. It has only two mausoleums. The oldest grave is not marked. Many people mourn his passing, including the Ravenswood basketball players and coaching staff. There are many tributes on social media for him, and too many of his close friends shared their thoughts with his family through commenting and posting to the social media pages.

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