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Mike Hodges Died: Flash Gordon And Get Carter Director



Mike Hodges Dead

Mike Hodges Died: It is difficult to say that Mike Hodges Flash Gordon and Get Carter Director, a well-known British director, has died On Saturday 17/12 at the age of 90. the filmmaker behind Flash Gordon and Get Carter died from heart failure in his Dorset home.He is best known for films like Flash Gordon and Croupier. His passing news was recently posted online and quickly went viral on social media platforms. Many people were shocked and in pain when news of Mike Hodges’ passing broke. Now people are looking for information about Mike Hodges, and how he died. We have more information on the news, and will share it with our readers in this article.

Flash Gordon And Get Carter Director Mike Hodges Died

Mike Hodges, Flash Gordon and Get Carter Director has died On Saturday 17/12. Mike Hodges was actually Michael Tommy Hodges. He was known as Mike Hodges, a British screenwriter and director of television and movies, novelist, and playwright.

Mike Hodges Dead

His movies Flash Gordon and Croupier made him very popular. As a teleprompter operator, he was offered a job with British television. He was able to see the studios in action and had the opportunity to write scripts. Two years of compulsory national service as a navy minesweeper on the royal navy was what he credits with his inspiration for Get Carter.

Who Was Mike Hodges?

 Mike Hodges was born in Bristol, 1932. He worked as an accountant before moving into the screen industry.
 He started his media career as a teleprompter operator. He quickly rose in the ranks of UK television.
 In 1971, he made his feature film debut with Get Carter. He also wrote and directed the film. It stars Michael Caine and follows the story of a London gangster returning home to Newcastle after learning of the death his brother. Hodges originally wrote the role Jack Carter for Ian Hendry . He was shocked to discover that an actor as well-known as Caine would take it on.

His 1971 debut feature film was an adaptation of Ted Lewis’s novel Get Carter. His best work earned him a lot of respect and was very well-respected. He made his second movie Pulp, and it was released just a year after Get Carter in 1971. Hodges’ directorial talent rose to prominence with Flash Gordon in 1980. Many people are shocked at his sudden death, and are paying tribute to him via social media platforms. His soul may rest in peace.


Sir Michael Caine played the role of a London gangster, who searches for his own version of justice after his brother was killed in Newcastle. Get Carter was a great success and inspired Hodges to team up with Caine for Pulp the next year. The space opera Flash Gordon was his biggest film. It was released in 1980.

 The film saw the warring factions on the planet Mongo unite to resist the oppression by Ming the Merciless. The movie starred Melody Anderson and Sam J Jones, as well as Timothy Dalton and Brian Blessed. Other credits include the 1987 Mickey Rourke thriller A Prayer for the Dying, and 1989’s Black Rainbow starring Rosanna Arquette.

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