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Michael Lehrer Died: Comedian & ‘Second City’ Performer Dies “44”



Michael Lehrer Died

Michael Lehrer Died: Hey guys todays na shocking news comre out about a famous comedian Michael Lehrer, a comedian, and former “Second City” performer who was still active in comedy but recently he  died in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday 17/01.

At that time he was only 44years old After Battle With Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He decided to end his own life with the help of a doctor. Colette Montague, his caregiver and life partner, said that Michael died in dignity. Many of followers and friends scattered respected condolence 

Who Was Michael Lehrer?

Lehrer was a regular host on “Kill Tony”, a comedy podcast that features live, anything-goes humor in Austin, Texas. Between 2019 and 2022, he performed 99 times there. After a long battle with ALS, Michael Lehrer, a comedian, improv actor, and legend, has passed away dueto illness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He was 44.

Michael Lehrer Died

Colette Montague was his girlfriend and caretaker. She told the Chicago Sun-Times that Michael died on his terms. He wasn’t suicidal at any time. He made the most difficult decision to get medical aid for his death.

Despite being diagnosed as having ALS, the comic and sketch artist performed at clubs even though he was in a wheelchair. He shared stories about his journey with the neurodegenerative disorder and joked about it.


Lehrer was a frequent guest on “Kill Tony”, a podcast that features live comedy from Austin, Texas. Ron White and Joe Rogan often featured Lehrer. Rogan posted an Instagram tribute to Lehrer. Rogan stated, “The courage that this man had while battling a debilitating illness was incrediable.

And though he struggled with words, the man would KILL ONSTAGE.” He was a true legend and I will miss him greatly.” Lehrer was chosen for the ‘New Faces of Comedy” showcase at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal, in 2014.

Lehrer is a Chicago comedian with deep roots. Columbia College graduate Lehrer co-wrote and starred in three revues at Second City e.t.c. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, his castmates included future stars like Aidy Bryant and Chris Witaske in ‘Saturday Night Live’, Chicago Party Aunt’, and ‘Space Force’.

Lehrer was also survived by Montague and Colin Heaton, among other relatives. Lehrer’s son was supported by a GoFundMe page. Several comedians shared their tributes on social media. Michael Lehrer, a Second City alum, has passed away.

He was a key contributor to four sketch revues, including Sky’s The Limit (Weather Permitting), which won the Jeff Award for Best Revue.  “He wasn’t suicidal at any time. Lehrer’s final years were filled with hilarious monologues about his neurodegenerative condition. 


In a wheelchair, his voice was weak but strong and he made jokes that were full of stinging observations as well as profanity.

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