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Matto Ki Saikil: Review, Plot, Cast, Release Date & Trailer



Matto Ki Saikil

If you want to learn more about Matto Ki Saikil, you’re in the right place. Here, you can find out who is in the movie, what it’s about, and when it will come out. Also, you can find out if the film is worth watching.

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Matto Ki Saikil Review

Matto Ki Saikil


Matto Ki Saikil is a powerful film about everyday people in India who live in poverty and are unsure of where they will get their next meal. It captures the utter hollowness of development and the plight of daily wage workers. It is a deeply moving film, and one that you will want to see.

The story takes place in Mathura, India, which is a small town in the middle of the country. The main character, Prakash Jha, is a poor construction worker whose life is turned upside down by the harsh realities of daily life. This film aims to depict the life of migrant labourers and the trauma they face.


Matto Ki Saikil’s Cast

The Matto Ki Saikil cast is a diverse group.The film, which just had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival’s Asian Window section, looks at the lives of workers who move from one place to another in India. It stars Prakash Jha as the titular character and has garnered more than eight thousand views on YouTube. This emotional drama follows the life of a day labourer named Matto.

The movie’s setting is rural Mathura, the rural heartland of India. It stars Prakash Jha as Matto, a day labourer who uses a cycle as a metaphor for life. The film follows the life of this worker and his family.

Matto Ki Saikil’s Plot

Matto ki Saikil is a film that tells the story of a daily wage labourer in the rural heartland of India. The movie stars Prakash Jha, who plays the role of Matto.The story is about what happens to Matto after his cycle breaks.

The story revolves around a man named Matto, a labourer who tries to track down a man who steals his bicycle. The bicycle is the only means of livelihood for this poor man, and he wants to get it back. Unfortunately, he’s been unable to find the bike because his ‘Safai Karamcharis’ have forbidden him to defecate in the fields.

Matto Ki Saikil is a film about a daily wage labourer who struggles to provide for his family. Prakash Jha plays the titular character, and the film also stars Anita Chowdhary, Dimpy Mishra, and Aarohi Sharma. It was shown for the first time at the Busan Film Festival in 2020, and it will come out on October 23, 2020.


Matto Ki Saikil’s Release Date

Matto ki Saikil is an upcoming Hindi film starring Prakash Jha and Aarohi Sharma. It is directed by M. Gani and is a slice-of-life story about a family and daily-wage labourer. The film has won critical acclaim at several international film festivals.

The movie was shot in rural India, and Prakash Jha plays a worker who gets paid by the day. The film will have its US premiere at the upcoming SAIFF, an annual event held in New York. The movie will be available to stream from December 17 and 18 on the festival’s official website.

Matto Ki Saikil’s Trailer

The trailer for Matto Ki Saikil, the film starring Prakash Jha as a daily wage labourer, is finally out! It tells the story of Matto and his family, who depend on him for their livelihood. The film is a poignant portrayal of the plight of a laborer.

In the trailer, the movie’s protagonist, Matto, is riding a tired and tattered cycle. When he comes into contact with a tempo, his life takes a dramatic turn. The following scene shows the events that follow, which make Matto’s life a little unpleasant.


Prakash Jha is in charge of making the movie. He is known for making movies like Gangajal, which are about social issues. The director has made several films that mirror society’s issues, and he made his acting debut in the 2016 film Gangajal. The film’s trailer has already garnered over 8,000 views on YouTube.

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