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Mark Zuckerberg Admits Limiting ‘Hunter Biden Laptop’ Story For A Week On Facebook



Mark Zuckerberg

According to CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook used an algorithm to suppress coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal for a week. Continue reading to know more. Follow newslangmedia to get updated.

Mark Zuckerberg Admits Limiting 'Hunter Biden Laptop' Story For A Week On Facebook

The CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, recently spoke about how the social media behemoth used an algorithm to bury the Hunter Biden laptop issue news for a week after it broke in the year 2020.

Zuckerberg stated he made this decision on Thursday, August 25, on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, in response to an FBI request to lessen election-related misinformation, according to ANI.

This was Zuckerberg’s response to Rogan’s questions about media suppression and Facebook’s handling of divisive news items.

According to Daily Mail, Zuckerberg replied that Facebook didn’t hide the article as much as Twitter did, but it was still pushed down in users’ newsfeeds for up to a week until more information was available to figure out if the report was true or not.


Mark Zuckerberg discusses the “Hunter Biden laptop” incident and Facebook’s censorship of it

According to the CEO of Meta, their strategy is different from Twitter’s. According to Zuckerberg, the FBI visited Meta’s employees and delivered a warning, adding, “You should be on high alert.”

Before the election in November 2020, the FBI issued a warning to the employees warning them to be on the watch for Russian propaganda.

According to Zuckerberg, the platform decided to restrict news distribution but did not outright prohibit it.

“What Twitter did is…they said…you can’t share this at all,” he elaborated in the interview. We didn’t act in that manner.

According to the Daily Mail, we also use third-party fact-checking programmes when we hear that something could be misleading or is significantly misleading. We don’t want to be the ones to decide what is true and what is false.


The CEO also said that sharing was still possible, but Facebook’s reach was limited for about five to seven days while it was decided whether or not it was true.

When Rogan asked if the story’s reach was affected, Mark said that the story’s “ranking” and newsfeed were a little bit lower, which meant that fewer people saw it than they would have otherwise.

Additionally, Zuckerberg said that the matter is “hyper-political” and that there have been several complaints about it. So, depending on whatever side of the political spectrum you are on, we weren’t as clear-cut about it as Twitter, and we either didn’t restrict it enough or censored it way too much.

We kind of thought… if the FBI, which I see as a respectable organisation in this country…come to us and tell us that we need to be on guard about anything, then I want to take that seriously, he subsequently claimed.

The New York Post claims that a memo signed by more than 50 former senior intelligence officials claimed that the laptop scenario “has all the traditional earmarks of a Russian information operation.”


Mark Zuckerberg later expressed regret about Facebook’s handling of the incident.

According to a 2020 New York Post exposé, Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, exchanged tens of thousands of emails with Ukrainian business partners.

The New York Post said in the exposé that the emails demonstrated how Biden’s son utilised his political contacts in his foreign business endeavours.

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