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How To Deal With Loneliness As A Teenager?




Loneliness is a painful feeling that comes from thinking that your social needs are not being met by the number or especially the quality of your social relationships. Read on to know how to deal with loneliness.

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How Can Teenagers Deal With Loneliness?


Loneliness is misery or discomfort caused by a gap between social desires and experiences. Some people who are surrounded by others or in a long-term marriage yet feel lonely. Loneliness threatens mental and physical health, according to research.

It is a painful feeling that comes from thinking that your social needs are not being met by the number or especially the quality of your social relationships.

Loneliness’ Impact

When you spend a lot of time by yourself, it might impact you in a variety ways which are as follows:

  • Experience an increase in tension;
  • Despite getting enough sleep, not to feel refreshed;
  • Put an end to your efforts to maintain a presentable appearance or decent hygiene;
  • You have noticed that your attitude on life has gotten more pessimistic;
  • Start displaying symptoms consistent with depression or anxiety; or
  • Try to take drugs.

Things You Can Do When Lonely

Help people

Volunteering is a great way to connect with people in a meaningful way and meet        new people. It’s also a natural way to give your life more meaning, which is                  something a lot of us have trouble doing when we’re lonely. What are some things        you care deeply about? Does your place of worship have ways for people to help          out? Does your school have a service club?

Talk to your old friends

Have you lost touch with a good elementary school friend? Or maybe someone you      met at summer camp? Try to get back in touch! Even if you don’t see someone            every day, they can still be a good friend. This is especially true if you are starting a      new school this year.

Do something different

Have you always wanted to try something you’ve never done? Right now is the best      time! If you want to act, try out for a school play or a theater group in your area.        Sports fan? You could join a new team or sign up for a weekend clinic. There are a        lot of possible new things to do.

Find out if your life is missing something

You can feel lonely in a lot of different ways. You might have a great group of              friends, but you might wish you had one best friend you could talk to about                  anything. Or maybe you have one great friend but miss being part of a group.              Knowing what you’re missing won’t make it appear out of thin air, but it will make        you feel less lonely and give you something to work toward.

Spend time with your whole family

If you have cousins or other relatives close by who are about the same age as you,      try to get together.

You should watch something funny

Put on your favorite funny show or movie. Being in a world where you know the            people can help you feel less alone.


Make things you do alone into things you can do with a group

Into gaming? Ask someone to come over and play with you in person. Do you like        to draw? Ask your parents to help you find a class in art. Taking your family to a          baseball game? See if they can get you an extra ticket so you can invite a friend.

Spend some time with pets

Especially with cats and dogs, spending time with pets is a great way to feel less          lonely. They will love you no matter what and give you as many cuddles as you           want. If you don’t have your own pet, ask your neighbors or family members if you       can hang out with theirs.

Try one app

Lyf is an app that lets you connect with people and talk about things. Q Chat has          groups for LGBTQ youth to get help. NotOK is an app that helps you get in touch          with people you choose to let them know you are having trouble. The people who        listen to 7 Cups have been trained to help you feel better.

Write down five things about yourself that you love

One of the worst things about being alone is that you start to think badly of                  yourself. Taking a few minutes to write down the good things you like about                  yourself is a simple way to boost your self-esteem and remind yourself that you            are awesome in your own way.

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