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Linda Kasabian Death Cause: Former Manson Family Member Died



Linda Kasabian Death Cause

Recently, news broke on the internet that Linda Kasabian, a member of Charles Manson who served as star witness for prosecution during the Manson Family murder trial in 1970, passed away at 73 years old on Tuesday.

Linda Kasabian Death Cause

Many are grieved by her sudden passing; family, friends and well-wishers are mourning her loss. Many are curious to know what caused her passing; here we provide more information to share with you in this article.

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Linda Kasabian passed away among her close family and friends at 73 years old. Since the news of her passing broke on the internet, many were deeply saddened and now eager to know the cause of death. According to reports, she died at a hospital in Tacoma, Washington but the exact cause has yet to be disclosed. Please scroll down the next page for more details about this tragic event.

What Caused Linda Kasabian death cause?

Linda Kasabian was an American woman renowned for being a fellow of the Manson Family, a cult led by Charles Manson in late 1960s and early 1070s California. She participated in Manson and his followers’ acts of violence which resulted in seven deaths.

Ultimately, Kasabian received immunity in exchange for becoming a key prosecution witness at her trial. To learn more about this development, please read the full article below.


Monson was an inspiring ex-criminal who created a community of runways and outcasts including Kasabian at an abandoned film farm northwest of Los Angeles. Monson tragically passed away in 2017 while still serving time.

Linda won born on June 21, 1949 in Biddeford, Maine to Rosaire Drouin and Joyce Taylor; many expressed their grief on social media platforms when news of her passing spread.

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