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Lily Weinstein: Relationships, Parents, Siblings & Social Media Account



Lily Weinstein

Lily Weinstein: American celebrity Lily Weinstein, sometimes known as Remy Lily Weinstein, is well known for being the daughter of famed movie producer Harvey Weinstein. She is the oldest of Harvey’s four children from his previous marriage to Eve Chilton. Read on to know mroe about Lily Weinstein.

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Lily Weinstein Personal Life

Lily Weinstein

Lily Weinstein, a well-known American celebrity who also goes by the name Remy Lily Weinstein, is the daughter of renowned film producer Harvey Weinstein. The eldest of Harvey’s four children from his first marriage to Eve Chilton, she is also the oldest.

Since she was a youngster, Lily, who was raised in a wealthy household, has had all the comforts and respect available. However, after multiple father-child sexual assault charges, things started to change. Since then, she has maintained a low profile and seldom ever appears in public.

In actuality, she comes from a wealthy family. In addition to her father, who previously had a dominant position in the film business as a producer, her grandparents are also well-established.


Well, Thomas M. Chilton, her maternal grandpa, was a prosperous lawyer and financial counselor with customers in the Boston, Nantucket, and Vineyard regions. Edmund Randolph, Lily’s great-grandfather, served as the country’s first attorney general.

The first ever international legal firm, Hunton and Williams, was established by her great-great-grandfather. In addition to this, the family has also been a member of a number of exclusive clubs, including The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Lily Weinstein Parents

The parents of Lily have been married twice. In 1987, her mother Eve and her biological father Harvey were hitched. Eve supposedly met Harvey while she was an assistant for him at his firm Miramax in 1986. They started dating soon after their initial encounter and dated for a whole year before getting married.

Before their relationship soured, the ex-couple had been married for more than 15 years. In the end, they divorced in 2004, after ultimately separating in 2003. Eve, Lily’s mother, later wed Sal Martirano after they separated. The couple, who is still wed, leads a quiet existence in New York City.

Harvey also wed Georgina Chapman, an English actress and fashion designer. They were divorced on October 10, 2017, not long after his allegations of sexual harassment hit the headlines. They had been married since 2007. In July 2021, they finally divorced. Her parents had more children besides her.


Lily’s Siblings

Lily really has two younger sisters named Ruth Weinstein and Emma Weinstein. Ruth, the youngest of the group, was born on October 31, 2002, while Emma was born on February 2, 1998.

Now that they are both adults, her sisters get along well with one another just like any other siblings. Sadly, they don’t appear in many public appearances together.
Following the charge, Lily Weinstein disowned her father.

Lily, Emma, and Ruth, Harvey’s other two daughters, are said to have severed relations with their father as well. After their father’s sexual conviction, all three of the siblings really distanced themselves from him.

Lily and her siblings broke off communication with their father following the #MeToo trial, in which several women accused him of terrible sexual assault, according to Harvey’s attorney.

Is Lily Weinstein Married or Dating Someone?

Remy hasn’t wed as of 2022, nor does it seem that she has any intentions to do so. In terms of her romantic connections, little is known about them.


Remy, Harvey’s oldest daughter, is reportedly unmarried. However, it is quite likely that she is just attempting to keep her romantic relationship and lover out of the spotlight. Whatever the case, we would want to see her wed a great match of her choosing.

Has Lily a Social Media Account?

Lily has avoided direct contact with the media ever since the court found her dad guilty of sexual misconduct. The last time she was featured in the news was in October 2017 when she was at home in Los Angeles and had just phoned 911 to report her “suicidal” father.
Her absence from social media sites like Instagram and Twitter makes it extra harder to find out where she is.