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Lalo Rodriguez Dead: Puerto Rican Salsa Singer



Lalo Rodriguez dead

Today I will share a heart broken news for singing industry that shocking news are  Lalo Rodriguez dead, he was the Puerto Rican salsa singer Recently he died on December 13, at the age of 64. His body was found in the parking lot of a public housing project in Carolina, Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico’s Institute of Forensic Sciences will conduct an autopsy to find out more details. The cause of death has not yet been determined. He was a great singer.

Juana Pena, a salsa music enthusiast, described him as a “superb singer”, capable of getting into any rhythm. The Puerto Rican police recognized the body of the artist and informed that the performer’s body gives no indications of savagery. Notwithstanding, police  said that an examination will occur to figure out the reason for death. When our team get latest details I will recent share with you.

Who Was Lalo Rodriguez?

Lalo Rodriguez was a popular name in the salsa music industry. He released 22 albums during his career. Some of his best-known hits include “Nada de ti”, “Pero llegaste tu”, and “Ven devorame otra vez”. He also collaborated with many artists throughout his career. The most popular song of his was probably the 1998 hit “Ven, devorame otra vez”. Although he was a successful singer, he was also involved in legal trouble with alcohol and drugs.

Lalo Rodriguez dead

The former singer was charged with possession of cocaine earlier in his life. He also had a few songs in his catalogue that were written by him. The “Ven, devorame a otra vez” song, which was featured on the album Un Nuevo Despertar, became a classic of romantic salsa. It was featured on Billboard’s top 15 salsa songs of all time and reached the 10th spot on the US Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. It was also covered by Spanish female duo Azucar Moreno in 1990.

Lalo Rodriguez was a notable name in the salsa music industry as he loaned his voice to renowned hits including ‘Ven devórame otra vez’, ‘Pero llegaste tú’, and ‘Nothing de ti’. With these hits, the performer became quite possibly of the most adored voice throughout the entire existence of salsa m ..   Fans love Lalo for his 1988 hit song “Ven, devorame otra vez” (“Come, Devour Me Again). His death was announced December. 13th, 2022 by various news media. The fans of Lalo have used social media to express their gratitude in an effort to comprehend the significance of his passing. Certain questions have come into the forefront. 


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