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Kyle Sandilands Net Worth: Shock Jock’s Nine-Figure Fortune



Kyle Sandilands Net Worth

Kyle Sandilands, a radio shock jock, made headlines this week with an outburst that many Aussies might have expected to see leading to their job loss.

Despite his antics on the air, or maybe because of them, the KIIS FM host is secure in his job. He has a three-year contract worth $5 million a year to host the show he often storms out of.

Sandilands’ latest on-air rant saw him leave the studio this week. He launched a 12-minute rant about the news in which former NSW remier Gladys Berejiklian claimed that Scott Morrison was once called a “horrible and horrible person” in text messages.

Kyle Sandilands Net Worth


“This is the most important news in Australia, but it’s not over. What if the ex-premier called Prime Minister a terrible, horrible person? In text messages, I have called everyone here an effing crap. He began, “I wouldn’t be surprised that Gladys was pacifying any loser minister she was speaking to.”


Sandilands’ outburst escalated into insulting one of the station newsreaders. He eventually stormed off. Jackie O was left stunned and had to host the rest of the show by himself.

Details of Sandilands and Jackie O Show Jackie Henderson’s contracts were made public last June. They include that Sandilands’ $5 million salary was locked in for three-years.

“We’re locked into the current astronomical salaries that we’re currently on now for an additional three years,” , he stated in July 2021.

He is not able to make his entire fortune despite the high salary he receives — Jackie O and him are the highest-earning radio personalities in the industry.

Thanks to his radio career that was hugely successful and his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr Sandilands now has a net worth of nine figures.

ARN Issued an Apology for Kyle Sandilands' Cooked On-Air Rant | Newslangmedia

The media personality opened up two months ago about how he built an empire that fetched more than $100 million.

The major moneyspinner for the 50-year old was an investment company called King Kyle that reached a value of approximately $100 million by December.

Sandilands was the founder of the company in 2012. The company has expanded to content creation and music production along with its existing wide range services, including beverages and production for TV shows.

Sandilands’ highly profitable career has been hampered by many scandals, so this week’s will not have any adverse effects on the controversial presenter.

He apologized for his on-air outburst, and was greeted by his colleagues as well as the audience on Thursday.

Jackie O, co-host of the show, greeted Kyle at the beginning of Thursday’s program with a warm “Hello Kyle” greeting. “Good to see you back. What are your feelings today?


“Feeling quite good, yeah…sort of,” responded a sheepish Sandilands.

“Are they OK?” Jackie asked him. Jackie said to him, “You look like you’re going through a lot of pain,”

He admitted, “Oh, it is a bit embarrassing yesterday’s carry on.”

“I felt very justified. But I did get my back up. But that happens with friends.”

Sandilands, despite his apology, insisted that he had the “everyright” to control what news is presented on the morning show.


He said, “I noticed a few people comment on it. What right does Kyle have? To decide what the news is?”

“Well, that’s all right. I run the show. I’m not an employee… I don’t work for anyone.”

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