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Kundali Bhagya 26/12, 2022 Written Update Episode



Kundali Bhagya 2612, 2022 Written Update

Hey guys today I am going to share a intersting T.V. shows Kundali Bhagya 26/12, 2022 Written Update In recent Episode Anjali, Sameer and Dadi are watching TV as the latest Kundali Bhagya episode airs. They learn that Preeta’s plane was hijacked. They are shocked when they hear the news. The family learns that Arjun, Preeta and other Luthras have boarded that plane. Here, Preeta questions Arjun about his motive. Preeta asks Arjun why he disguised himself to board the flight. Karan continued to question her, asking if she has it. He said that he came to her aid.

Kundali Bhagya 26/12, 2022 Written Update:

Preeta is shocked to hear that Arjun has come to her aid. Karan informs Preeta that he wants her see him from the heart. Rishab hears from Dadi that she is unhappy with the news about Arjun being on the flight. Rishab is also shocked to hear about the news. It would be fascinating to see how he takes action to save Preeta. Let’s just say that Karan lost his cool in previous episodes. He shouts at the goons.

 Kundali Bhagya 26/12, 2022 Written Update

Rakhi shouted at the goons, and they answered him by pointing the knife at Rakhi. Karan attempts to save Rakhi from the goons. Karan rallied Rakhi’s support when the goon threatened to stab her. Karan’s fake moustache is revealed as he does this. It shocks the Luthra to see it.

Karan is also worried about the circumstances he has found himself in. Karan was also brutally beaten by the goons, resulting in several bruises. Luthra’s heart melts when they don’t see Karan being beaten up by goons. Preeta then asks the goons not to beat Karan, as this could lead to his death.

Preeta is asked by the goons to tell her husband that he should behave like this only, and not to act as her lover if it bothers her. Preeta is shocked to hear this and tells them about Karan, her husband. The next scene shows everyone being taken by surprise when the news about the hijacking of the plane surfaces online. The news is devastating for those who are close to their family members or relatives on the plane. It is clear that Zee TV is gaining all the attention from its viewers. 


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