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Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022 Written Update Episode



Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022

Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022:  Kundali Bhagya is an Indian Hindi language romantic drama Tv series. It launch on Zee TV  Monday – Saturday so today Friday In today’s episode, Preeta holds Arjun’s arms without even noticing as the plane takes off. When she realizes that it was Arjun, she gets shocked. She stares at him with confusion written all over her face while he stares at her too. Preeta feels something weird and slowly removes her hands from his arms and places it on her lap.  in night show at at 9:30 PM come on Zee TV  Check what happens next in the story in the article below.

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Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022 Written Update

Here, Rakhi prays to Hanuman. Karina watches her and asks her to relax as nothing bad would happen but she continues to pray. Rakhi asks Karina not to disturb her. On another side, the newly-wed couple sings a song to begin their new journey. Preeta watches them as she sits back in her seat. A person walks in front of the plane and signals another passenger. They both get up. Rakhi comes to know that the flight has taken off without any problem. Karina smiles and tells her that she is so cute. Upon hearing that, Rakhi smiles too.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2022

In the next scene, the air hostess sorts the food when both men stand in front of her. They both pressurize her with their orders. One of the men asked her to get him a glass of water while another one ask her for some food. The air hostess requests them both to sit quietly as she will get them whatever they want. However, the men refuse to show any patience and one of them even drops her food tray. She gets upset and asks the cleaner to clean the mess. When she goes, the men get up and pull out their respective guns.

Later, the men point guns at the air hostess and announce that the plane has been hijacked. Kavya notices that the person is stabbing his feet against the plan. Kavya asks the man why is he tensed. He asks her what made her think so to which she tells him that she saw him stabbing his own feet. Here, Karina goes to the bathroom. Shrishti notices the girl who is sitting in front of her. She asks her if she is traveling alone. She nods. Shrishti gets impressed by her. Stay tuned to this space for more written updates. Keep watching KUndali Bhagya on Zee TV at 9:30 PM

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