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Know Facts About Competitors Ad Campaigns On Facebook And Instagram



Competitors Ad Campaigns On Facebook And Instagram

As a brand owner, you want your business to thrive. You strive to refine the product to a gleaming shine, investing a considerable amount of time and energy in that. However, one aspect often gets overlooked: what are your competitors up to?

Competitors Ad Campaigns On Facebook And Instagram

No matter the niche, researching competitors’ marketing strategies – particularly on social media platforms – is now an absolute must. Why? Social media offers businesses a window of opportunities and if used properly can lead to great success. Therefore, scrutinizing competitors’ campaigns must be your goal in order to discover what works well and create better campaigns yourself.

You can learn whether your competitors use visuals such as post makers, Facebook event banners or video content to draw people in using one of the following methods.

Check the newsfeed to gain insight into competitors’ ad marketing methods

Scrolling the newsfeed is the quickest and simplest way to learn more about your competitors and their strategies. While it won’t reveal every detail about the campaign, it will give you insight into which parameters they use when crafting Facebook or Instagram ads. So assuming you come across an ad from a competitor, here’s what you should do:

To view a promoted post using either your smartphone app or desktop application,


1. Tap or click on the three dots located at the upper-right corner.

2. Choose “Why am I seeing this ad?”

3. Determine the parameters you are most interested in.

Sometimes, you won’t get much useful information beyond age and location. However, doing this can often provide interesting insights. For instance, you might discover that such companies fall within your interest area, have been on a hashed list used by a brand, communicated in English with an accent specific to that accent, expressed interest in email marketing campaigns, etc.

Use Meta Ad Library to research competitor ads

Completing those steps will give you a good understanding of your rivals’ marketing strategies. But if you want to get even deeper and gain more insights into who your rivals are, Meta Ad Library is your go-to solution. Not only will it give you an up-to-date list of current opponents, but it can also show which companies may become your future rivals in the near future.


Why Use Meta Library?

Meta Ad Library is an invaluable tool that provides crucial data about companies’ marketing campaigns. Anyone can benefit from its use, whether for business or other purposes. But what exactly are the advantages? Let’s take a closer look at them:

Displays Which Platforms Rivals Utilize: This tool allows brands to identify which platforms are more pertinent for their niche, and whether or not they utilize cross-platform ads or concentrate solely on one network.

Displays offers and seasonal discounts: Meta Ad Library provides insight on brands’ promotions and how they advertise them on social media channels, helping us better understand how they attract customers.

Provides with calls to action they implement: The tool displays a competitor’s ad template along with its headline and content that lead to the call-to-action button.

Pinpoints places where competitors drive traffic: Meta Ad Library provides rivals’ landing pages that you are free to visit, giving you insight into what typical buyers see when directed to a landing page. This helps determine what motivates these buyers and helps ensure your marketing strategies align with what works best for your business.


Demonstrates formats of ads they utilize: This option shows whether the company utilizes pictures, videos or animations in their advertisements.

Highlights collabs they arrange: Finally but not least, this feature highlights brand collaborations that give an extra insight into companies you may want to consider turning to for further assistance.

Are you running Facebook or Instagram ads and trying to identify the sought-after brand?

To gain insight into your competitors’ ads with Meta Ad Library, there are three methods. If Facebook is your main platform of choice, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Launch Facebook (via mobile app or in a browser) and locate your rival’s business page.

2. Locate a transparency panel on their page, click it, then scroll down until you see “Go To Ad Library.”


3. Utilize filters and keyword searches to enhance your exploration.

If using Instagram, the only step that needs to be taken is running the app, finding your competitor, then choosing Active Ads. Once done, you will be redirected to Meta Ad Library; everything else remains unchanged from what has been listed above.

The third method relies on Meta Ad Library. Here, instead of searching for contestants, use keywords to view and analyze all businesses operating within a particular region. It will display different advertising tactics employed by similar businesses.


If you want to succeed, researching competitors and their advertising tactics is essential. By studying competitors’ tactics, you can discover what it takes to attract attention and turn them into customers.

As you can see, there are several methods to gain insight into your competitors’ marketing activities. If time is of the essence, using the first method may be your best bet. On the other hand, using Meta Ad Library offers more in-depth knowledge of rivals’ ads which will enable you to craft an optimal long-term advertising strategy.


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