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Kelly Ronahan Story



Kelly Ronahan

Kelly Ronahan: Kelly Ronahan’s tale is quite moving. Most people learned about it via TikTok, but a few individuals saw Kelly’s transformation from a healthy woman with ambitions of returning to ballet to a fragile lady who required amputation to save her life.

Ronahan’s deterioration was made worse by the fact that no one could identify her disease. She jumped from one mystery sickness to the next, prompting suspicions that she made up her illnesses to get attention. According to a weird online story, Kelly injected excrement into her legs to create sepsis. Read on to know more about Kelly Ronahan.

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Kelly Ronahan Tale

Kelly Ronahan

Kelly Ronahan’s story is quite poignant. Most people found out about it on TikTok, but a few people saw Kelly’s metamorphosis from a healthy woman with dreams of returning to ballet to a frail woman who needed amputation to save her life.

 Ronahan gained fame after receiving weekly blood transfusions for a rare blood condition

Kelly Ronahan initially came to public attention in 2014, when she required weekly blood transfusions to treat a rare blood disorder. Doctors couldn’t figure out why her hemoglobin level was dropping week after week.


She’d gotten 95 liters of blood by March 2016. “Every two weeks, I receive three bags, so that’s three individuals, three blood donors to rescue me,” Kelly told Global News. [Without the transfusions], I would fall into organ failure and die within a month or six weeks.”

Kelly’s condition worsened despite the infusions. Her health prevented her from working as a ballet instructor again. “I’m terrified to hear about the future because with each transfusion, I’m growing more and more resistant to blood,” Kelly remarked.

Kelly’s tale drew compassion from netizens, who showered her with love and encouragement every time she posted an update. Ronahan became involved with a blood donation group in order to encourage others to give blood.

Ronahan was hospitalized for seizures in July 2016. Doctors released her after learning she was faking the seizures.

People organized a blood drive in her honor in response to her admission. Even after notifying people of the physicians’ findings, she continued to get support. Several blood drives were held in Kelly’s honor throughout 2016.


Kelly’s appearance on a local TV program reinforced the notion that she was very ill and required assistance to survive.

Kelly’s port got infected in early 2017, resulting in sepsis. Ronahan also revealed to her fans that she has struggled with fitness fixation and food issues. She also claimed to have hurt herself before becoming ill, although the injuries she showed were not three years old.

Ronahan’s port became infected once again, requiring physicians to watch her for three weeks. Kelly suffered convulsions and a rash just before her scheduled release. Kelly went to the hospital for a different reason in April 2017 and had her blood taken.

Her hemoglobin level was normal, leading to accusations that she had been faking a rare ailment for attention. Kelly shot off the rumors, accusing the doctor of plotting against her.

Ronahan’s strange leg illness first surfaced in 2018 and expanded fast in the months that followed

Ronahan blamed her blood condition on MS and uterine fibroids, but she lacked proof to back up her claims. Kelly said that she required a hysterectomy to remove the fibroids.


Rumors that Kelly was faking it had gained momentum by 2018. Doctors removed her port in April 2018 since she no longer required transfusions.

Kelly noticed swelling on her feet and blisters that erupted out of nowhere a month later. Kelly’s blisters grew larger as she plucked at them rashly. She stated she was in such much agony that she required pain medicine, but physicians refused to provide it.

Kelly’s health deteriorated as the year passed, and the scabs grew into much bigger sores. When Ronahan began having convulsions and developed blisters on her hands, the medical riddle became more convoluted.

Doctors are concerned about circulation concerns and nerve damage as the lesions on her legs become more visible. Kelly’s mental health has suffered as a result of the vitriol she experienced on social media.

As her health deteriorated, the photographs she uploaded were more terrible to look at. She notified her fans that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition by physicians. Ronahan had skin grafts in 2019 and looked to improve.


She said in early April 2019 that she had finished her first walk in months and was overjoyed. Kelly stated:

“Today I am admittedly quite sore, and I love it! For SO long, SO long, I’ve been in a dark place. My mind is attempting to scare me – oh, what if it occurs again – alternatively – what if this is a dream and I wake up with terrible legs?”

Kelly’s legs were removed in May 2021 after she ruined her grafts.

Kelly returned to the hospital several weeks after her optimistic Instagram post after picking at the sores on her legs.

Several professionals examined her case, but none were able to determine her ailment. Kelly began to lose sensation in her legs and ankles as time passed. Because of their great size and Ronahan’s incapacity to cease interfering with recuperation, the wounds refused to heal.

Doctors eventually advised her to have her leg amputated. One of her toes had fallen off by then. Kelly provided the following update after the procedure:


“I began physiotherapy barely a few hours after surgery.” Good god that aches, but I’m not going to spend another summer in bed – I’m going to work hard. I’m not going to lie,  It’s DIFFICULT.”

Kelly’s social media postings significantly decreased after her operation. She’d stated her goal to obtain prosthetics and would most likely keep her fans updated on her progress.

Ronahan has been accused of fabricating ailments in order to get attention. People pretend to have diseases for internet popularity, but few go so far as to have their legs amputated.