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Kamal Adebayo “Sir Kay” Dead, Abidemi Adebayo’s Father Died



Kamal Adebayo "Sir Kay" Dead

Kamal Adebayo “Sir Kay” Dead: Hello All, I hope you are good Like as daily routine once again I came to with a latest news Friends this is heartbroken news about Alhaji Kamal Adebayo also famous as  “Sir Kay”  Alhaji  Adebayo, a Nigerian Yoruba actor He was known as Sir Kay who was also actor Abidemi Adebayo’s Father recently died. His family and friends are in deep grief. 

Musiliu Akinanya (aka MC Oluomo), Chairman of Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Committee shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram. He  died on Wednesday, December 28, 2022. Since then, tributes have been pouring in for the comedian’s father. The veteran Yoruba actor, Kamal Adebayo  known as Sir Kay Who was also the father of popular skit maker, Abidemi Adebayo, famous as Isbae University.

Kamal Adebayo “Sir Kay” Dead

MC Oluomo posted on Instagram that he had to announce the death of Alhaji Kamal Adebayo (“Sir Kay”) and that he hoped Allah would grant him eternal rest. The Nigerian entertainment industry is in shock at the news about Sir Kay’s passing, also known as Kamal Adebayo. Although there was no official announcement, many celebrities came forward to pay their respects. Yomi Faziyi was one of the celebrities to share the news via Instagram.

Kamal Adebayo "Sir Kay" Dead

Although the name of the actor was not revealed, it was believed that he was an industry veteran who appeared in many bizarre movies. He was also an actor and singer who worked with his son Isabel U to perform a comedy skit. Many celebrities took to social media to express their grief at the passing of the veteran.

MC Oluomo and Yomi Fabiyi took to Instagram to mourn the loss of their beloved boy. Femi Adebayo and IsbaeU, as well as Faithia Williams, have also expressed concern about the tragic situation of the actor. Many took to Facebook to share their sympathies for the family.


It’s clear that Sir Kay’s death has caused a deep void in the hearts of his friends and family. Fans, friends, and family are said to be weeping in their beds, even though there’s no official explanation. Many fans also shared photos of the star who died to express their sorrow. The news of Kamal Adebayo’s death has been reacted with fury on social media. However, the truth is that Kamal Adebayo, a respected member of Nigerian entertainment, was well-respected for his humor and wordplay.

His fans and well-wishers quickly rushed to social media after the news was announced. They offered their condolences and heartfelt sympathies to his family members and close friends. Realyomifabiyi posted a photo of Sir Kay to his IG account, and also paid tribute to him. His death was mourned by the entire industry.

Tributes To Kamal Adebayo

Realyomifabiyi, the IG username of Yomi Fabiyi, is for those who are not familiar. He is an actor from Nollywood who has appeared in many films and TV shows.

His death has been announced by several people including, actor and filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi. In an Instagram post, Fabiyi shared a photo of the actor with the caption, “Omg! • Weak right now Sad! Sad! Sad! O di gba kan naa, Sir K Warrior. A AY. Wabili Kabar. RIP senior man. I am weak.”

Also, the Chairman of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Management Committee, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, announced the actor’s death on Tuesday via his Instagram page. He wrote, “It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Alhaji Kamal Adebayo (Sir Kay). May Allah grant him eternal rest. RIP Sir Kay.”


The family didn’t reveal any details about Alhaji Kamal Adebayo’s sudden death, except for the fact that he had died. His cause of death is still unknown. Everyone is now coming forward to express their deepest and most sincere condolences and respect. Alhaji Kamal died on Tuesday. That is all we know. He was the son and father of veteran Yoruba actor Isbae U. His father also died on Tuesday.

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