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Kailia Posey Suicide Note Included A Gift For Her Mother



Kailia Posey left a note and gift for her mother before committing suicide. She left note for her mother and one for her best buddy.

Posey’s mother Marcy Gatterman recently spoke to E News about her daughter’s life. “It appeared fine before this,” Gatterman told the publication. “I avoided her phone. Her friends accompanied her to prom. The next day was perfect “she said.

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Kailia Posey Death Cause

Kailia Posey

On May 1, after Posey’s mother left the house to go to the grocery and never returned, Posey used the family automobile without permission.

The Whatcom County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the cause and manner of death in a release posted online on Wednesday after her body was discovered on May 2.  Authorities claim the 16-year-old pageant contestant committed suicide by “asphyxia due to ligature hanging.”


Gatterman said, “She left a note for me and then one for her best buddy.” The message in the note was that she loved me, was sorry, and that her big brother would always be her greatest friend.

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A blanket for Posey’s mother had also been ordered; it was delivered two weeks after her passing. The blanket, which was intended to be a hug, was found by the pageant queen on TikTok.

“Dear Mom, I want you to know that I love and appreciate you even when I’m far away. Always. Embrace it as a giant hug that you can wrap around yourself”. According to Posey’s mother, a note with the blanket read, “I adore you.”

In addition, Gatterman underlined the importance of parents keeping tabs on their kids and urged them to be honest with them, so they can know what is happening with their child and they can help them.