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John Visentin Retires As Xerox CEO



John Visentin's retirement from Xerox

The news of John Visentin’s retirement from Xerox was met with a sense of relief, but there were also concerns over the future of the company. In fact, Steve Bandrowczak Xerox President was named interim CEO.


John Visentin's retirement from Xerox

John Visentin (a former senior executive) was the Chief Executive officer (CEO) at Xerox. The company, which has been in existence for more than a century, is a well-respected business.

He died at the age of 59 due to complications from a long-term illness. Visentin’s remarkable ability to lead the long-standing company through turbulent times is what was most striking about him.

He was Xerox CEO for four years. He was responsible for leading the company to many important milestones. His most significant achievement was the $35 billion hostile bid to acquire HP.

In the wake of a court ruling, however, the deal collapsed. In settlement with the court, Jeff Jacobson was forced to resign as CEO of the company.


Visentin also landed a few prestigious positions, including an operating partner at Advent International and a senior adviser to Exela Technologies, both of which were acquired by the aforementioned Icahn Enterprises.

An executive position at Apollo Global Management, a venture capital firm, was another high-profile one.

Impact on the print and document industry

John Visentin was ill for many years and died in June. For the Xerox families, his death caused a lot of sorrow. They are deeply saddened and have reached out to those who loved him.

John Visentin is a revered leader in the Xerox community. His leadership of Xerox saw it through the toughest times in its history. He was a director on the board, which helped the company overcome many of its challenges.

He was also instrumental in guiding the company into new directions and helping to solve secular issues.


Visentin has held leadership positions at Xerox as well as executive roles with Apollo Global Management, a venture capital firm. Before joining Xerox, he served as the chief executive officer of Novitex Enterprise Solutions.

Hewlett-Packard is acquired by Xerox

The companies HP and Xerox engaged in many talks and discussions over the past one year. The two companies were unable to reach an agreement on the financial value of any synergies they could create by merging.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Xerox planned to bid for HP. However, it didn’t provide any details. And, according to one analyst, the combination of the two companies would be a no-brainer.

Xerox’s market capitalization is $8 billion, compared it to HP’s $27 trillion. Moreover, if Xerox was to complete the deal successfully, it would incur a large amount of debt which could worsen its credit score.

Xerox has been considering making a cash-and stock offer for HP. Xerox is yet to make a decision on whether the deal will be completed.



Xerox has an impact on education, innovation and research

The Xerox Corporation was a pioneer of modern office technology. Xerox began as a family-run photo-paper firm. It has since grown to be one the most innovative businesses in the world. As an innovator, Xerox has adapted its knowledge to solve real-world problems at scale. Through its new businesses, its executives work to deliver breakthrough technologies to market.

With the introduction of their 914 photocopier, success was immediate. This photocopier was first to come with a paper tray and marked a significant breakthrough in the market.

Other products were introduced after the success of the 914. Xerox dominated the photocopier market in 1960s. Xerox also developed laser printers.

Xerox 914 was introduced ten years ago. The stock of the company traded on both the Chicago Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the New York Stock Exchange. Xerox, despite its great success, was in decline.

Steve Bandrowczak, President of Xerox named interim CEO

Steven Bandrowczak of Xerox is a skilled executive who’s had many years of experience working in C-level positions at a range of technology-related businesses. He was tasked with developing Xerox’s global operations strategy. This included directing the new Software and Innovation divisions of Xerox.


Xerox chairman Corey Smith said that Bandrowczak drove the company forward when he joined in 2018. During the second fiscal quarter of 2022, Bandrowczak led Xerox’s financial analyst conference call.

Bandrowczak was also offered a management incentive program by Xerox. Starting in 2023, he will receive $7.5 million a year. This company holds the largest share of Xerox. Bandrowczak was approved by Xerox’s board of directors.

Bandrowczak is known as an information technology guru. Before joining Xerox, he was Hewlett-Packard’s chief information officer. He also served as the senior vice president for global business services. He was also a leader at Nortel and Lenovo.