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John Osterlind Dead: New Orleans Radio Host Found Dead



John Osterlind Dead

John Osterlind Dead: It is now known that New Orleans radio personality and show host John Osterlind died before the New Year. According to the New Orleans Police Department, Osterlind was found dead in his Warehouse District apartment at the 900 block Poeyfarre Street onThursday.  Social media has been abuzz with discussion about the matter as people pay their respects to the radio host and offer their condolences. His name is now trending across multiple platforms because of this. Find out what happened to Osterlind, and how he died. The article contains all the details.

How Did John Osterlind Dead?

John was unresponsive and EMS was dispatched. Later, he was declared dead at the scene. His cause of death is unknown at the moment. According to NOPD, his death has been listed as unclassified in the pending an autopsy at the corner. WKBU Bayou 95.7 posted on social media that they were deeply saddened by the loss of John, former Morning Drive host. They added that John was an integral part Bayou 95.7’s programming and will remain part of The Audacy New Orleans.

John Osterlind Dead

Who Was John Osterlind?

According to reports, the Connecticut native began his radio broadcasting career at 103.7 FM WWRX, Providence Rhode Island in 1987. From 1989 to 1992, he went to WCCC FM in Hartford, before moving to WAAF FM in Boston, where he served as music director between 1992 and 2001.

John was known as “Ozone” on air. John’s close friends,  John Ozone, the man among many, was no doubt a friendly guy. He made many contributions to radio, and his iconic song “John Ozone and The Big Show” will remain in the hearts of fans for many years. He was also a generous philanthropist who donated hundreds of thousands to worthy causes. He was a great friend and host of one the most popular morning shows in New Orleans during his peak. He was a key player at Bayou 95.7 and was a regular on the radio scene for over five and a quarter years. He was, in fact, the man to watch, especially for nerdy listeners like me.

Although John Ozone’s death was sad, the Ozone family is still happy and able to enjoy the memories of a long, fulfilling life. It is unclear if they will be able put the past behind them and how long it will take to heal from the loss of the man of many. There are many people who can comfort them. They were the ones who brought him to safety in the first instance.


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