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Jean Paul Ze Bella Dead: Zangalewa Group Founder & Leader Die



Jean Paul Ze Bella Death

Jean Paul Ze Bella Dead: Zangalewa Group founder & leader dies at 71. We are deeply shocked to learn that Jean Paul Ze Bella, a Zangalewa Group member, has suddenly died. Jean Paul Ze Bella, a founder and singer of Zangalewa, was a well-known music artist.

Sources shared that Jean Paul Ze Bella died on Sunday, January 15, 2023. Many people, including celebrities, have paid tribute to Bella and offered condolences to his family. Follow https: for more Articles.

Jean Paul Ze Bella Dead

Sources claim that many people are posting details about the reason for his death. It was reported that Jean Paul Ze Bella died from lung cancer. He was 71 years of age at the time of his death.

Jean Paul Ze Bella Death

On January 15, 2023, he died in Yaounde’s military hospital. He was a musician and an artist, recording many songs over the years. According to sources, he was the founder of Zangalewa and the leader of its popular hit song “Zamina Mina Mina”.

He died in Yaounde’s military hospital. Johnny Tezano, a popular musician and artist, claimed that Ze Bella had been suffering from lung cancer for many years. Other artists confirmed the news of his sudden death.


Who Was Jean Paul Ze Bella?

Jean Paul Ze Bella, a founder and singer of Zangalewa, was a well-known music artist in the Zangalewa band. This 1986 hit song was sung in Cameroon by the Makossa Makossa band.

Cameroon’s Zangalewa band did some cool stuff. They were a major musical force in Cameroon during their peak. Jean Paul Ze Bella, a leader of their ranks was responsible for many of the most memorable hits that came from their home turf.

Ze Bella’s distinguished tenure with Zangalewa will be remembered in song lyrics as well as in the hearts of his fans. Although there has been a lot of controversy over his passing, it is obvious that he was an exceptional man. People who knew him well described him as a warm, fuzzy human being. It was a sad day not only for the Golden Sounds, but also for the Sangmelima people.

Although Ze Bella’s name may not be as well-known as his predecessor’s, his contributions to Zangalewa are more than just songs. His health was not the best for him, but it doesn’t diminish his achievements.

His contributions to Zangalewa could be appreciated by anyone, even the most ignorant. We can only hope his legacy will be positive. He was an excellent songwriter and his work on “Adopt,” was very impressive.


Zangalewa’s hit track, Zangalewa, was later copied by Shakira and used as the theme song for the FIFA World Cup 2010. Jean Paul Ze Bella was also an inspiration and transformed Cameroon’s presidential Guard into a school for music. “May his soul rest in peace.”

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