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Jay Briscoe Death: ROH Tag Team Champion Jamin Pugh Car Accident



Jay Briscoe Death

Jay Briscoe Death: We are sad to share the shocking news about Jay Briscoe, an American professional wrestler, has died. Jamin Pugh was his real name, He has passed away and is now with his family.

His sudden death has shocked his closest friends. Champion Jay Briscoe, has died at very young  age of 38. On Tuesday afternoon, January 17, 2023. The news scattered on social media and quickly went viral.

Jay Briscoe Dead

According to the report Jay Briscoe, the ROH World Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe, has died at the age of 38. On Tuesday afternoon, January 17, 2023, he took his final breath.

Many people are curious about Jay Briscoe’s cause of death,  Jay Briscoe’s death has been deeply felt by the wrestling community. Although his cause of death wasn’t known at the time, friends and family paid tribute to him.

as they have seen his passing news on the internet. Jay Briscoe died in a car accident. He was in Laurel (Delaware) when he was struck by a car. For more information on the news, you are at the right place. Please read the entire article.


Delaware State Police has confirmed Jay Briscoe’s passing news. According to The Shor News Beacon, four patients were allegedly involved in the tragic tragedy. According to the report, there were two critical patients, one child and two deaths.

The incident isn’t well-known. Around 5:30 p.m. Eastern, the crash occurred at Laurel Road & Little Hill Road. The news quickly went viral via social media platforms. Many people expressed condolences to his family, and paid tribute to him via social media platforms.

Who Was Jay Briscoe ?

Jamin Pugh, an American professional wrestler, was well-known for his time with Ring and Honor. Jay Briscoe was his better-known name. Jay Briscoe began his professional wrestling career as a wrestler in Maryland in 2000. 

Along with his brother Mark, he was part of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion Team. He and Mark Briscoe were thirteenth ROH World Tag Team Champions.

He was also an ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champion, and a ROH World Champion. Jay and Mark were both inducted into the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame. They were the winners of the 13th world tag team championship. He was very well-known and won many championships.


He has appeared in Ring of Honor and NWA as well as Jersey All Pro Wrestling and ECW. Briscoe was part of the tag team but also participated in singles matches.

The first two teams to have thirteen rings titles were the Briscoe brothers. They joined forces to defeat FTR at the ROH Final Battle 2022. One of the Briscoes was injured outside the ring while the other two were in it.

Jay and Mark Briscoe were inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame. Their reign as ROH’s tag team champions lasted thirteen years.

Briscoe, his brother and FTR participated in a series last year. They also participated in the inaugural Best of the Best event that featured junior heavyweight wrestling.

The news of the accident reached the world of wrestling when it was reported by WMDT, an ABC affiliate in Laurel. Although police did not identify the victims of the accident, two children were in the car at the time. One other person was in critical condition.


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