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Jalebi Baba[Billu Ram] Convicted For Raping 100 Women



Jalebi Baba[Billu Ram]

Jalebi Baba[Billu Ram]: Now days a news scattered about a Fruad Baba name As Jalebi Bab Convicted For Raping 100 Women.

A fast-track special court in Haryana sentenced Amarveer (Alias Billu) to 14 years imprisonment on Tuesday for raping over 100 women and filming the attacks.

According to reports, Billu Ram raped his female disciple who also included minors. The fraud Baba was arrested and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

Sources say that Amarpuri was first introduced to occult practices by another person. He then closed his shop and bought a house.

A shrine with a basement where he committed his evil deeds was also built. He was arrested for first time for rape after a woman accused him of assaulting her at his house in 2017.


He was quickly granted bail and released. Inspector Pardeep Kumar and his team were patrolling at Tohana’s Ambedkar Chowk, July 19, 2018, when the police claimed that they had learned of his crimes.

Jalebi Baba[Billu Ram] Convicted For Raping 100 Women

Jalebi Baba, a self-described godman, is based in Haryana’s Tohana. He moved from Punjab’s Mansa region 20 years ago to this area. He is believed to have raped around 100 women.

Jalebi Baba[Billu Ram]

According to the IPC and IT Act, the self-described godman was arrested. He is accused of sexually assaulting women during Tantra Vidya rituals.

Jalebi Baba is well-known for forcing women to have sex and drugging them. He also uploaded porn videos. Police discovered 120 videos similar to his own on his phone during investigations. Fast Track Court judge Balwant Singh had convicted Billu Ram, alias Amarpuri, on January 5. 

He was sentenced to 14 year imprisonment in January. He was also required to pay Rs 35,000 in fines.


After a woman from the temple filed a complaint, investigations into the alleged rapes began. She claimed that the occultist had raped her in the temple. She said that Jalebibaba used to drug her before she raped her.

A confidential informant showed him a pornographic video of Baba Billu Ram and put it on his phone. A confidential informant showed him a pornographic film of Baba Billu Ram on his phone.

He claimed that the godman had been torturing women and extorting them for money in the name of religion. The Fast Track Court’s Judge Balwant Singh sentenced Billu Ram, alias Amarpuri, to 14 years imprisonment under the POCSO Act and seven years for each of the two counts of rape. He also received five years under the IT Act.

According to the prosecution’s attorney, they have not received a copy from the court’s decision. Tohana police filed a case against Jalebi baba on July 19, 2018.

It was filed under section 292, 293, 294 and section 67A of IT Act. Section 376, 384 and 509 were also included. The FIR included pertinent sections of POCSO Act when it became clear that one of the victims had been a minor.


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