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5 Facts About Jacob Hurley Bongiovi



Jacob Hurley Bongiovi

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi: 20-year-old Ke Bongiovi is used to being the Jon Bon Jovi’s son. But he has using it for a different purpose in the past year. The heartthrob began dating Millie Bobby Brown (18, from Stranger Things) in the summer 2021. They have nearly together ever since. Read on to know more about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi.

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Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Five Facts

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi

“Jake went at Syracuse University and values higher education so he’s definitely rooting in for Millie,” a source said it in August. It’s reference to Millie’s studies at Purdue University. His whole family doesn’t like celebrity games.

They really encourage their children to stay grounded. Millie is very down-to-earth and hasn’t let Hollywood nonsense get to her head. She is very proud to have accepted at Purdue. It is an incredible achievement.

Here are five facts you need to know about Jake and his history.


1. Jake Hurley is Jon and Dorothea Hurley’s second-youngest child.

His siblings include sister Stephanie (28), and his brothers Jesse (26) and Romeo (17). After being high school sweethearts, his parents married in 1989. Jon said that Jon’s future wife was in a relationship with someone else at the time they met but that didn’t stop Jon from following her.

“Dorothea was in a relationship with one of the soldiers. He was out of town… You’ve probably heard about the five-second rule for dropping bread on the ground. He joked that he had given him three weeks. “We started dating, and that was it.

2. Millie and Jake were together for one year.

Millie and Jake spotted holding hands in New York City in June 2021, confirming their relationship. This means that the Godzilla vs. Kong star has with her lover for just over a year.

The signals existed before the PDA photos. Jake posted an Instagram photo on June 3rd showing them together in a car with the message “bff”, and a heart. He wore a white baseball cap and a black T shirt and made a loving smile to the camera.

Millie sat beside him in a patterned jacket and gave the camera an accusing look, tilted her head down. Since then they have been photographed cuddling up all over the city. Jake paid Millie a visit at Atlanta’s set of her new film, The Electric State in October 2022.


3. Jake supports the U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

In November 2018, Jake uploaded an Instagram video in which he was in a car with the senator from New Jersey. He then challenged about the state’s history. Cory tells the youngster, “You’re supposed be an authority in New Jersey as Bongiovi.”

Jake then asks Cory where M&M’s candy came from. Jake replies with a grin, “M&M invented?” It is not an issue in New Jersey! The politician joins in the laughter and tells him that it was created in “Garden State”, before laughing out loud.

“Had an amazing day touring New Jersey on Wednesday with Senator @corybooker!” It was an incredible experience to have the opportunity to spend time with such a great leader. Jake said in the description of the video, “#jerseystrong.”

4. He is very similar to his father.

Jake has shared many photos on social media showing his similarity to the “Livin’ on a Prayer” singer, including this one. It’s obvious that he is Jon’s child, with his long, blondish hair and similar facial features.

5. He was a part of a 2018 student protest against gun restrictions at school.

Jake a leader of the Pennington School student protest walkout on March 14, 2018. He and Rickey Eng, a fellow student, organized the march to protest the government’s inaction regarding mass shootings in American schools, one month after 17 killed at Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, FL.


“Enough is enough.” It has happened too many times for us not to acknowledge it,” Jake stated to regarding the purpose of the walk at the time. “We won’t let it go this year.”