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Is Dua Lipa Dating Jack Harlow? & Dua Lipa Dating History



Is Dua Lipa Dating Jack Harlow

Is Dua Lipa Dating Jack Harlow?: The Hollywood latest news, Social media users are now time intersted to know about Dua Lipa relationship  According to rumors, Jack Harlow, an American rapper, is set to release a song featuring Dua Lipa. More news is posted online after this. People started to discuss whether this is true on social media.

Jack Harlow, an American rapper, is gaining popularity now that people are talking about him with Dua Lipa. Jack released a song in May 2022 that featured Dua Lipa’s name. Routine was his first song, which was released in 2020. Rumours have it that Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa are in a relationship.

This news is getting a lot attention. Dua recently stated that she was initially confused by Jack’s decision to add her name on his track, but that she now appreciates it and gives him blessings. Her name was  viral in news many of characters with Isaac Carew (2015) – 2019, Anwar Had (2019-202021), once upon a time Dua Lipa was reportedly seen kissing Trevor Noah and recent days also viral relationship with Jack Harlow Who is an American rapper.

Is Dua Lipa Dating Jack Harlow?

Jack Harlow made the statement that he wrote the song to be admired, even though people are now forming different opinions about it. Dua also gave him permission to use her name in the track. Dua was also impressed by his track.

Recent  news was that Dua lipa and Jack Harlow were dating (it’s known as manifesting! We all have questions. Although Jack and Dua have not commented on their relationship statuses, there are many sources who seem more than happy to share.


Is Dua Lipa Dating Jack Harlow

First, a Us Weekly insider confirmed Dua and Jack had been “talking,” adding “They like one another and are excited to see what the future holds.” The source said that they had FaceTimed previously when Jack asked Dua permission to sing about her song, but it was awkward for all of them. Things became easier when they met in person at the Variety Hitmakers Brunchearlier this year. They decided to keep in touch as they “liked” each other’s vibe.

It’s there. People’s Source simply stated that they were “hanging out”.

Recall that Jack spoke previously on The Breakfast Club about asking Dua if she could use her name in the title of his song (which includes the lyrics “Dua Lipa. I’m trying to do more with her than a feature”)

He said, “I wanted her blessing so I FaceTimed with her and played it for them because I didn’t want her be blindsided or feel creeped out or any other way.” She would have said “Yo, it’s horrible.” It wouldn’t have been out because I didn’t want it. She said, “Oh, it’s not mine song.” It’s okay, I suppose. She was just a little confused and just let it go.” Jack was also asked whether he had ever had a crush upon Dua. He replied “I admire her.” This was probably secret code for “I want her to date me,” so!

Who Is Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa, one of America’s most beloved singers, aged 27, is currently living in New York. She was born 22 August 1995 in London, England. also has British citizenship. Dua graduated from Parliament Hill School, and she joined the American music business in 2014. 


Her Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording in 2019 were won by her hit song “Electricity.” This collaboration with Silk City led to her singles “New Love,” “Be the One,” and “New Rules” which span a career of 14 years. Her physical appearence so sexy looking so gergous Her body Measurement 37-29-36, Weight 62, and height 170cm after wearing the heels She is looking so hot look like as a beauty queen. 

Dua Lipa Dating Hiatory  | Rumor

After being spotted together at a New York City dinner, Dua Lipa was reportedly seen kissing Trevor Noah, former Daily Show host. Dua Lipa was in several high-profile relationships before she met Trevor Noah. As you can see, everyone is obsessed with her. After the photos of Dua and Trevor cuddling up to each other, who else is she in a relationship? This is a deep dive on the dating history popstar Dua Lipa.


According to an insider, Harlow, 24 , has been “talking” to the singer after she ended her relationship with Hadid (23). The source says that they met at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch earlier in the month.

Lipa and Harlow crossed paths because they “like each other’s vibe.” The insider speaks out about Jack Harlow’s single, “Dua Lipa,” saying that they had FaceTimed previously when Jack asked Dua permission to sing about her. However, it was awkward for everyone.”

The “Cold Heart”, artist, was briefly linked with Trevor Noah before sparking romance rumors. After a private dinner held in New York City, the duo was photographed hugging. Us at the time confirmed that nothing was romantically going on between Lipa, 38, and the former Daily Show host.


Dua Lila And Anwar Hadid’s

Lipa was also famous for her public relationship with Anwar Hadid. After the British performer was seen at the model’s 20th anniversary, the two began dating. Lipa developed a close relationship with Anwar’s sister Bella, and Gigi Haid.

Lipa shared her story of how she met her then-boyfriend in May 2020 on Watch what Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Lipa shared that they actually met at a barbecue and then it went on to DMs.

Later, the “Don’t Start Now!” singer offered a peek at her “private” relationship with Anwar. She told British Vogue that she and Anwar have many amazing memories and shared them together. We’ll show you only what we want. It’s a bit of give-and-take, trying to find that perfect balance between being excited and in love and wanting to share it with others, while not wanting to overshare. If Any offical news come out on social Media I will recently shared with you.

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