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India Rose Daughter Of Chris Hemsworth



India Rose Hemsworth

India Rose Hemsworth: Chris Hemsworth is proud to be a father! In a sweet Instagram posting on Monday, Thor: Love and Thunder actor 38 referred to his oldest child, India Rose, as his “favorite superhero.” Read on to know more about India Rose Hemsworth. 

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India Rose Chris & Elsa Daughter

India Rose HemsworthThe first flashback is of India visiting him as a baby on the set for his Marvel movie. He’s wearing his full costume and his character’s hammer which is almost as big as India at that time. Chris has twin boys, Sasha, and Tristan, both eight years old. Elsa Pataky is his wife and shares all three of his children with him. Elsa was his first wife.

We could see India Rose one day playing polo because she is a good player and keeps her practicing early.

The new film features two of his children, along with Natalie Portman and Christian Bale, as well director Taika Waititi. Chris’s daughter plays the role of Love, while one of his sons plays the young Thor. “It’s fantastic. They wanted to be part of it,” Hemsworth stated last month.

Hemsworth had previously spoken out about parenting his three children in 2017. He told PEOPLE that he did not want them to feel “privileged” by their father’s income. The actor stated that he wanted them to “appreciate everything”.


He said that he grew up in poverty, but his parents were his ultimate heroes. His parents were “respectful, beautiful human beings who operated in an inspiring, caring, and loving manner.”

“We are in a different financial position, but I want them understand that these things do not come easy. It is not possible to take success for granted. You have to work hard for it. Hemsworth stated that success is more about our ideals and who we are as people than the material goods we might attain.

India Rose and Chris 

Chris & India HemsworthChris tweeted a lovely birthday photo from his youth wearing a Batman costume with the amusing message, “My younger self would have been very disappointed in my super hero decision.” It is amazing to see it next to India.

Liam, Chris & India Rose

India Rose HemsworthChris, Liam and India Rose side-by-side Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, Chris posted an image of them as children. The similarity is obvious. Elsa posted a May birthday photo of India.

Elsa Pataky & India Rose

India Rose Hemsworth

India, Elsa Pataky Rose Pataky, and India visited Gatcombe Park to take part in the Magic Millions of British Eventing. The 46-year old actress is an avid equestrian enthusiast. Her family owns horses in Byron Bay so it’s great to see her pass on her passion to India.