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How To Convince Girlfriend Parents For Intercaste Marriage



How to convince your girlfriend parents for intercaste marriage

How To Convince Girlfriend Parents For Intercaste Marriage: Although there are growing opinions against intercaste marriages in India, many parents want their children to marry as they wish. Read on to know more about how to convince girlfriend parents for intercaste marriage.

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How to convince girlfriend’s parents to marry intercaste

How to convince your girlfriend parents for intercaste marriage

You may not know how to tell your parents if you are in love with someone of a different caste. Before you discuss the matter, gather facts and examples that will show why your relationship is going to succeed. You can speak to your parents when you are ready. Even though it’s going to get emotional for everyone involved, keep your manners professional and calm.

1. Constructing an Argument

A. Write down all the arguments that you would like to use

Write down your decision about how you will present your case. Prepare a strong response to each argument that your parents might make. Include concrete examples or facts to support your claims if possible.


B. You can predict what your parents will worry about ahead of time.

It is possible that you already know what your parents think about intercaste relationships. Ask your parents a few questions to learn why they oppose the idea. You can then develop counterarguments.

C. Find success stories from intercaste relationships.

You may be able convince your parents if you can find solid evidence that intercaste relationships work. To find intercaste couples who are happy and successful, you can look into your extended family and network of friends.

D. Ask for the support of a friend or relative who is sympathetic.


Before approaching your parents, you might try talking to a friend or cousin who is open-minded. It can make a big difference to have an ally who shares your values.

2. Talking with your parents

A. Take a moment to be with your parents in a peaceful place.

If your parents are anxious, busy, or furious, don’t mention intercaste relationships. Wait until your parents are calm and can chat without interruptions.

B. If you have a disagreement with your parents, talk to your most understanding parent first.

Don’t disclose intercaste relationships to nervous, busy, or angry parents. Wait till your parents can talk calmly.


C. Introduce gradually the intercaste connection.

Your parents may be surprised by your intercaste romance. Introduce the topic slowly, through multiple discussions if necessary.

D. Try to be cool if your parents are at odds with you.

Parents may be concerned, scared, outraged, or disappointed if you tell them you love someone from a different caste. If they become emotional, remain calm. You’ll look mature, wise, and level-headed.

E. Respect your parents’ feelings and listen to them.


Your parents will have plenty to say about your intercaste romance. Don’t interrupt or ignore them. Instead, listen intently, grasp what they’re saying, and express sympathy.

F. Your counterarguments should be presented in a clear and logical way.

After your parents finish, you may argue. Show your parents you understand their worries by providing evidence. If they ask, respond honestly and openly.

G. Offer to meet your parents and your partner.

Your parents may be more receptive to meeting your partner. This may change their minds. If your parents aren’t too unhappy, invite them to meet your partner to see how great you are.