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How Pat Fragile Died? Prominent Beckley lawyer



Pat Fragile Died

We are sadness to share  news about Pat Fragile, a well-known Beckley lawyer, has died. This news spread quickly on social media sites, as many people have shared it. Pat Fragile died on Friday December 2, 2022, at 77 years old. He practiced law in Beckley for over 45 years and served as dean of the Raleigh County Bar Association. Many have sent their condolences to the family by posting messages of support. Many people are now searching the internet for Pat Fragile’s information. They want to learn more about Pat Fragile,  We have more information on the news, and will share it with our readers in this article.

Who Was Pat Fragile?

According to the report, Pat Fragile, a respected Beckley lawyer, has died recently at the age of 77. His last breath was taken Friday, 2 December 2022. H.L. Kirkpatrick, of the tenth Judicial Circuit, said that Fragile was one of the most respected divorce lawyers in the region. Kirkpatrick also stated that the two became friends in regulation faculty in 1975, and their friendship continued until Fragile’s death. He practiced law in Beckley for over 45 years and served as dean of the Raleigh County Bar Association.

How Did Pat Fragile Died?

On Tuesday 6 December 2022 the Raleigh County legal community expressed deep condolences for the loss of a prominent Beckley lawyer. This is a shocking and devastating news for his friends, family and all those who knew him. Pat Fragile was a Beachley lawyer for more than 54 years. He also served as the dean of Raleigh County Bar Association. He was hardworking, kindhearted, and always helped others. Many people are now curious about his passing. For more information, scroll down to the next page.

Many of his followers were shocked to hear about his death after it was announced on social media. His sudden death left his family and friends in deep shock. Matthias Fragile, Fragile’s son (and regulation associate), said that his father will be deeply missed by the family. This is quite surprising and it’s difficult to imagine him being far from his family. Pat Fragile, relax in peace. Stay tuned to HindiAble to receive more updates.

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