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How Did Victoria Muthoni Theuri Dead? Missing KU Student Found Dead



Victoria Muthoni Theuri Dead

 Victoria Muthoni Theuri Dead: Hey guys Todays  coming out news from Kenya It is reported that Kenyatta University(KU) student Victoria Muthoni Theuri, a Kiambu County resident, was found dead at her boyfriend’s house in Kahawa Wendani on Saturday 31 December 2022. She was lacking from final earlier days and lacking on Christmas Day on Sunday 25 December. Victoria Muthoni Theuri was her Public Policy and Administration student. After being missing for five days, she was found dead at the home of her boyfriend. This story is trending on the internet, and many social media users have raised questions. Many people have shared their reactions to the incident. We will now examine all information regarding this incident.

How Did Victoria Muthoni Theuri dead?

Sources claim that Victoria Muthoni Theuri was reported missing in the days before Christmas and again on Sunday 25 December. His parents are located in Kahawa Sukri in Kiambu county. She traveled to her sister that day after informing her parents. Her parents approved her travel plans. Her parents and sister were concerned that she wouldn’t return home if she didn’t. Her phone was out of reach and her parents couldn’t reach her via any medium. Her sister informs police that she has not seen her. Her parents eventually went to Kahawa Sukari and made a report about her missing.

What Happened Victoria Muthoni Theuri?

According to the other official she had with her parents, she didn’t go far enough and hasn’t vanished yet. Worse, she got pregnant with a man while she was at school. Her parents didn’t know about this.

Despite the fact that her pregnancy has caused severe problems in her relationship with her parents, she still lives at her home and attends school as she promised. According to police reports, she is seen spending a lot of time at Alvo House with her boyfriend before returning home after school.

The police arrived at the house on 29 December. They used welders for the demolition of the door. Her body was found with no injuries and it is believed she had died three days earlier. Her boyfriend was then arrested and she fled for her rural home. He claimed that he had left her at his home and then went to his parents’ house on Christmas Day. Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding her death.


The Kenyatta University public administration and policy student has had a great year, but her family has had a difficult year. She was not only a student but also a pregnant woman, which was a problem for her. It was a difficult decision, but she had to return home to visit her parents. That was the cherry on top. Her parents didn’t expect to have a child. It would have been great if she had found someone to care for her son. The above-mentioned challenges were made worse by her being a student and not having a job. She had lived with her boyfriend for five months. He was also an etiquette expert. She was, to her credit, able to maintain her sanity and was pleasant and polite guest.

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