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How Did Victor Lewis-Smith died? Versatile Character



Victor Lewis-Smith

We are griefly to share with you a heart broken news for film industries a versatile character Victor Lewis-Smith that are many areas work like as producer, writer, Comedian, Radio and recording, and many Televison Shows, But recently Victor Lewis-Smith Died On 12 December 2022 at the age of 65, it was announced by Lewis-Smith on  public-relations agency that the author had died after a short illness, at the age of 65, in Bruges, Belgium, on 10 December 2022. In this way many of  viewers scattered a respected condolence and RIP.

Who Was Victor Lewis-Smith?

Victor Lewis-Smith ( 12 May 1957  10 December 2022). He was a British film, TV and radio producer, a television critic, a humorist, and columnist in a newspaper. He was the executive producer of ITV1’s Annual National Food & Wine Awards. He also received an honorary doctorate in November 2008 from the University of Westminster.

Lewis-Smith was a comedian sketch star in Inside Victor Lewis Smith, a comedy series that aired on BBC2 in 1993. He was joined by Roger Llyod Pack, Annette Badland and Tim Barlow. Nickolas Grace, George Raistrick, and Tim Barlow. He also worked behind TV Offal, Channel 4, and Z For Fake, BBC2.

Victor Lewis-Smith

His agent confirmed that he was in shock and had to announce the news about Victor Lewis Smith’s death. “Strugggling to accept the loss of an irreplaceable and unique talent.”

He was also the executive producer of the Sky Arts series In Confidence. This series featured interviews with Richard Dawkins, Kathy Burke, and Lily Allen. Lewis-Smith was also a producer on radio and film, and he owned his own production company, Associated Rediffusion Productions Limited. He was also a columnist and restaurant critic, and he regularly wrote for Private Eye starting in 1993. Borkowski PR Agency released a statement revealing that he had died in Bruges.


Tim Worthington wrote, “He could have been a difficult person, and became more difficult with the passage of time – and wouldn’t you know it? – but he had an influence on my life to an extent that I can’t describe.” A force that is often overlooked in comic invention.

Are you a fan of celebrity gossip? Register here to receive the latest celeb news from Mirror. Another addition: “Nooo! RIP Victor Lewis Smith comedy legend. “Crikey! This is very sad. He was a great comedian, I still remember him. Another chimed, “RIP.” Marc Blank-Settle penned: “Awwwww no. VLS pioneered radio’s edge like Chris Morris. This is very sad news.

David Tabizel posted a tribute to Victor Lewis-Smith on Twitter:

My friend, collaborator and force of nature. He was a comic, literary and comedic vandal of high order, a gentleman, loyal pal, and one of the most conversationalists on earth. To happier times, old friend. You will be missed.”

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