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How Did Van Conner Dead? Screaming Trees Bassist And Co-Founder Dies



Van Conner Deadd

Van Conner Dead: We are griefly to shared with you a sad news about Van Conner Screaming Trees Bassist And Co-Founder Van Conner died on Wednesday 18 Jan, 2023 and his death news is spreading on social media.

He was known as an American rock musician and was most popular as the bassist for Screaming Trees. He was 55 years old at the time of his death,  his death news is announced by his brother Gary Lee.

How Did Van Conner Dead?

As per the sources, Van Conner death news is shared by his brother through a Facebook page in which his brother confirms that he passed away on the night of 18 Jan, 2023.

Van Conner Deadd

He was suffering from an illness for a long period of time and he also facing so various problems and diseases.  Pneumonia is said the cause of his death and it is confirmed by Gary Lee they also share that he died on the night of Wednesday, He died at the age of 55 years.

Who Was Van Conner?

Van Conner, bassist for Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees, died earlier this week. The musician, who died at age 55, had been battling pneumonia, according to his brother. His passing was announced on Facebook.


Van Conner was born on 17 March 1967 in Apple Valley, California, U.S. and he created the band Explosive Generation with his brother Mark Pickerel and Garu Lee Conner. He was best known as a musician and his favorite instruments are Bass and lead guitar. He started his career in 1984 and his performances were most liked by people.

After the band broke up in 2000, Van Conner took up bass for other bands. He also worked in the studio. Earlier this year, he released a solo album. It is a more acoustic, slower-paced album than his Screaming Trees works.

Although Van Conner is no longer active in music, his brother Gary Lee Conner posted a video of him on the band’s Facebook page. The post also said that he has been suffering from long-term health problems.

As for the Screaming Trees, the group began in Washington State in the mid-1980s. They had success with their first single, “Dust,” and made their Lollapalooza appearance in 1996. Their debut album sold 2,500 copies.

However, they never achieved the commercial dominance of their peers, such as Niggan and Pearl Jam. In fact, their major label debut, Uncle Anesthesia, was co-produced by Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell.


Screaming Trees are credited with helping to define the grunge movement in the Pacific Northwest. They played in Seattle and were one of the key trailblazers of the local scene.

Screaming Trees were formed by brothers Mark Lanegan and Van Conner. During their time together, they recorded a half-dozen albums on indie labels. Eventually, they signed with Epic Records.

In addition to being part of the grunge wave, they were the catalyst for the emergence of the Seattle punk scene. One of the band’s songs, “All I Know,” reached the Top 10 on the Mainstream Rock Billboard chart. This single was also included on the soundtrack of Cameron Crowe’s film Singles.

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