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How Did Russell Banks Died? Award-Winner Fiction Writer die



Russell Banks Died

Russell Banks Died: Russell Banks, an award-winning fiction writer who rooted such novels as Affliction  recently died. His editor informed the associated press that his death news was made public. He died on Saturday, 7 January 2022. 

His cancer treatment was ongoing for the past several years. He was an American poet and writer of fiction. His death is being reported all over the internet.

Many people have many questions about him. Although cancer is believed to be the cause of his death, the investigation is ongoing.  If  Our team  get any latest update I will shared with you.

How Did Russell Banks Died?

Russell Banks, an American fiction writer and award-winning author, was 82 years old when he died on Saturday, 7 January 2022. by cancer.

Many expressed sadness at the loss of the fiction writer. Joyce Carol Oates, a writer from America, took to social media to refer to Banks as a great American author and “beloved buddy of so many”.


He was a friend of hers and she shared his photo, writing “I’m devastated to hear that Russell Banks has died.” He wrote a letter over ten years ago in Rule of the Bone.

It was still crazy but he and his pals were still friends. That’s how I will continue to think of him. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Who Was Russell Banks?

Russell Banks, an award-winning fiction writer who rooted such novels as Affliction. Russell Earl Banks was born in Newton, Massachusetts on 28 March 1940.

Russell Banks Died

He was raised in relative poverty in Barnstead, New Hampshire. He was self-described as a heir to 19th-century writers such as Walt Whitman and Nathaniel Hawthorne,  He was a Princeton University professor emeritus and a prominent figure within the literary world.

Banks’ work highlighted the struggles of Northeast blue-collar workers, and their families. Many of his novels were made into movies. He was awarded the John Dos Passos Literature Prize in 1995.


Banks was born in Newton Massachusetts. His father was a plumber, and his mother was an alcoholic. His father abused him as a child. He was the first member of his family to go to college, despite the financial difficulties in his family.

Russell Banks was a Sarah Lawrence College graduate and taught creative writing. He married Mary Gunst, a poet, and they had three children. They later moved to Boston, and then to southern New Hampshire. He wrote short stories, poetry, and novels.

Family Life, his first novel, was published in 1975. He later published two volumes of poetry. He is known for his first book, Cloudsplitter.

He was also a member the Bread Loaf Writers Conference at Middlebury College, Vermont. Joyce Carol Oates, Toni Morrison were his other co-workers. He was the founder of the Lillabulero literary magazine.


Banks is known for vivid depictions of the working class Americans. He was also the president of The International Parliament of Writers.

Tributes To Russell Banks


During civil rights movements, he joined Students for a Democratic Society. He moved to Boston after that. He would call Nelson Algren his mentor. Follow for motre updates


Some Famous Books Of Russell Banks

  • Family Life (1975)
  • Hamilton Stark (1978)
  • The Book of Jamaica (1980)

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