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How Did Ron Menor Died? Longtime Hawaii Politician Dies



Ron Menor Died

Ron Menor Died: Todays a shocking news covered about a politician, Ron Menor, a respected politician from Hawaii, recently died on Monday, January 16, 2023, at the age of 67. Governor Josh Green confirmed the news.

Josh Green released a statement stating that they were informed by Pat Menor who wife of Ron Menor that their dear friend and former colleague had died suddenly due to an unplanned medical emergency.

Who Was Ron Menor?

Ron Menor, a Honolulu City Council member for many years, was killed in a Queensborough medically assisted home on Saturday. He was 75. He was 75 years old. Benjamin Menor is the current deputy attorney general of the state.

Ron Menor Died

Andrew Menor is another son. Anthony Menor is his eldest son and a college student. Menor, although a father, was always civic-minded and donated his time and talent to worthy causes. Menor co-founded the non-profit organization eRon.

He was also a member of the boards of both the West Oahu YMCA (Folksman) and the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (Folksman).


“passionate service” in various elected positions such as the Honolulu City Council and the Legislature. Governor Josh Green announced Menor’s passing, stating that it was due to an “unexpected medical emergency.”

Although Ron Menor’s death was the most tragic, his contributions to Hawaiian society won’t be forgotten. His life was an example of what happens when we all work together, from his advocacy for the elderly to his philanthropic efforts. Personal note: I had the privilege of calling him a friend for over a decade. I had the privilege of watching his leadership skills, which I hope I can emulate for many years to come.

Menor was a strong supporter of the arts and, aside from his philanthropic efforts. He volunteered his time at the UH Manoa campus as well as the ALA, the symphony orchestra, and other arts organizations.

Menor served in the Honolulu City Council, the House of Representatives and the State Senate. From 2013 to 2021, he was a member the Honolulu City Council and the state legislature between 1982 to 2008.

In the legislature, he represented Mililani and Waipio as well as Wahiawa, Waipahu and Pearl City. He was the chairman of several committees, and at one time, the entire Honolulu City Council. Green said, “Jaime & I send our love and support to Patty and her Menor ohana.


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