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How Did Pius MacIsaac Dead? Cape Breton Guitaris & Musician



Pius MacIsaac Dead

Pius MacIsaac Dead: We are deeply sad to announce the passing of Pius MacIsaac, a Cape Breton Celtic musician. His unfortunate death occurred Friday morning 06/01/2023. You heard it right. The musician’s death left many people shocked and distraught. Losing a legend is an extremely difficult thing to do.

Uncounted reactions began to hit the headlines as soon as the news was spread on social media. Thousands of people paid tribute to the musician and expressed their sorrow. You will find all the information you need, as well as some undiscovered facts.

How Did Pius MacIsaac Dead?

According to exclusive reports, the deceased suffered from severe health problems that were progressively deteriorating his body and causing damage to his internal-body organs. He was kept under medical supervision so that doctors could save his life and bless him with more health and breath.

Pius MacIsaac Dead

Unfortunately, his health did not improve with the treatment. He was not taking insulin or any medicine that would help. The medical team couldn’t do anything to prevent the complications.

Who Was Pius MacIsaac?

According to reports, Pius MacIsaac, a Cape Breton Celtic musician, performed at numerous ceilidhs and danced at concerts throughout Inverness County.


Pius MacIsaac, a Cape Breton musician and guitarist, was his name. His generosity in sharing his music was a hallmark of his personality. He was a frequent performer at parish hall dances, and arranged many informal ceilidhs at Mabou Seniors Lounge.

Edwin MacIsaac, Pius MacIsaac’s brother, was a Paul Harris Fellow. He was also a member the Cape Breton Gaelic Society. They were also members the Sydney Gaelic Society, and the New Waterford Gaelic Society. Madge Campbell, their daughter, is a professional fiddler.

John Morris Rankin and the Rankins have sold over two million records. Their success introduced traditional Celtic music to a new audience.

Another Cape Breton fiddler Howie MacDonald has been a popular musician on the island. His solo albums were well received. He was John Rankin’s guitarist in the mid-80s. Denis Ryan described him to be a dedicated family man, who was committed to his family.

Another pair of Cape Breton musicians are Ian and Mac Morin. Their songs are energetic and driving. Before You Arrived was recorded at the West Mabou Community Hall. The CD is a 59-minute long collection with very few liner notes.


Betty Beaton and Kinnon are two of Cape Breton’s top fiddlers. Their music is not suitable for concert halls. Their music is popular among dancers. The United States is not known for its traditional fiddlers. They are admired by those who have been around them.

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