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How Did Norma Johnston Died? Oldest Australian Cricketer Death



Norma Johnston Died

Norma Johnston Died: Todays news come out from sports  about Australia’s oldest living woman cricketer, Test cricketer Norma Johnston has died on 10/01, Monday morningat 95years old.

She was the oldest Test cricketer alive in Australia at the time of her death. She played seven Tests for Australia during 1948 to 1951 as a middle-order batter and medium-pace bowler.

 Pat Cummins, an Australian skipper, recalled her as a pioneer in the women’s game. He expressed his sadness at the loss of Norma Johnston and added that


Who Was Norma Johnston?

Norma Johnston was Australia’s oldest Test cricketer, During 1945  She was a middle-order and medium-pace batsman for Australia, and played seven Test matches between 1948 and 1951.

Norma Johnston Died

Norma Johnston, an Australian woman, was the first to play Test Cricket. From the mid-1940s until the mid-1950s, she was part of the New South Wales team.

She was also an active participant in domestic cricket. Her contributions to the game were highly praised by her peers. She also proved that it was possible to play competitive sports at an early age.

Her inclusion in the legendary Australian cricket team that went undefeated during 34 matches in 1948 was a testament to her talents.

In the second Test of the series, she made her debut. While she won the bowling title, she did not receive the credit she deserved for her performance in the batting department.


She was an important member of the sideline, and she played a significant role in a memorable team effort. Her orthodox spin proved particularly useful when the ball got old. The Australians lost their lead in the first innings and were eventually beaten to a draw.

Norma Johnston was Australia’s greatest ever cricketer. Her contributions to the game were highly regarded for many decades. Her passing at 95 years old was a huge loss to her family as well as the entire sporting community.

She was a pioneer in women’s sport, and her presence on the Australian team inspired more women to try it.

Norma’s extraordinary potential was first recognized at the NSW Country Week event. Her selection for NSW and Australia later encouraged more women to participate in her area.

Norma retired in 1951 and returned to Bathurst where she quickly assimilated into local sport. According to the Australian Cricketers Association, (ACA), Norma was a beloved and steadfast cricketer who helped pave the way for female players today.

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