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How Did Lucile Randon Died At “118”? World Oldest Person



Lucile Randon Died At 118

Lucile Randon Died At “118” : Lucile Randon, a French oldest nun, is no longer the oldest person in the world. She died on Tuesday January 17, 2023 at age 118 . Guinness World Records ranked her as the oldest person and nun in the world.

Many of social media influencers scattered a respected condolence and learn as long living in the world. She was not only the oldest person in the world, but she was also a remarkable human being.

How Did Lucile Randon Died At “118”?

According to exclusive reports, Lucile Randon, a French person died on 17/01 at 118years old, while she was sleeping in her Toulon nursing home. She didn’t bother anyone until her last breath and no one knew what she was doing when she was counting down her last breath.

Lucile Randon Died At 118

Her family and doctors learned about her death the next morning. They then confirmed the news via Twitter and expressed their sadness, since no one could have imagined she would leave this world.  Her family and friends are now experiencing the immense pain of losing a significant member of their families.

Who Was Lucile Randon?

Lucile Randon She was born in 1904 in southern France. She saw 27 French heads and lived through both world wars. Sister Andre, despite being blind and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility, cared for others elderly people, some of whom were younger than her.


For some time she had been Europe’s oldest, but last April she was named the Guinness Book of Records’ world’s oldest person after Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman who lived to 119 years old, died.

Jeanne Calment (also from southern France), who died in 1997 at the ripe old age of 122, holds the record for the oldest human confirmed age.

Maria Branyas Morera, a US citizen, holds the title of world’s oldest living person. Since March 2006, she has held her current position. She was the oldest validated living person until her death. She was honored with the title of honorary citizen in Toulon for her efforts. This city she had visited many times.

Although she is not the oldest woman in the world, her name is the most recognizable. This is not to say she was short of life.


Sources indicate that her siblings were three of her older brothers and a twin brother named Lydie, who died one year after their birth.  She became a governess at the age of 12 to three children from Marseille.  She was later given more responsibility by being hired as a teacher and governess by a wealthy family in Versailles.

Her father, a prominent pastor, was her father and she grew up in a Protestant household.  At the age of 19, she converted to Catholicism.  Randon joined the Daughters of Charity in 1944.  Randon was sent to Vichy as a missionary after the end of World War II. There she helped orphans and elders.


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