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How Did Lin Brehmer Dead? WXRT Radio Legend Dies At “68”



Lepowura Jawula Died

How Did Lin Brehmer Dead? Hello guys todays I am going to share a shocking news about Lin Brehmer, WXRT Radio Legend recently passing,  Lin Brehmer well- known and famed radio DJ who passed away on January 22, 2023, at the age of 68, following a dragged struggle with cancer. 

the legend left everyone in a state of profound shock because nothing could have imaged that one day they would be hit with similar woeful news.  After his death many of famous radio personality scattered codolence on social sites thus, as a result of a massive response flood tide, innumerable responses started pouring in on Twitter.

Who Was Lin Brehmer?

Lil Brehmer was a popular slice jockey and radio personality at WXRT in Chicago, he hosted morning on WXRT from 1991 to 2020, but during the critical period of his health, he’d to leave and passed chemotherapy. During his career as a radio personality.

Lepowura Jawula Died

In the world of music and entertainment, Lin Brehmer was known for his wit, his humor, and his hand radio member,” Lin’s caddy” that lasted for further than 30 times. He was also one of the many to have won awards for his musical prowess. For illustration, he won the award for the” Music Director of the Time” three times in a row.

Lin Brehmer was also the philanthropist of multitudinous other prestigious accolades. His name was on the lips of thousands of his associates for good reason. From his time at WXRTFM(93.1) to his term as a program director at KTCZ- FM in Minnesota, he made his mark in radio.


Known for his sense of humour, Lin Brehmer was a ménage name in Chicago. He’s credited with coining the term” Chicago blues” and, arguably, the” Chicago zoo”. It was a pleasure to hear to him on the air, and he indeed hosted an periodic remote broadcast of the home nature of the Cubs.

One of the sexiest radio gigs Lin Brehmer ever had was in the part of cultural director at WXRT. In that position, he served as the spokesperson for the Les Turner ALS Foundation for nearly 30 times.

How Did Lin Brehmer Dead?

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the departed  Lil Brehmer  had been diagnosed with a life- hanging complaint “ Cancer ” a many times agone and since also to till his last breath.

he remained under medical observation so that, the croakers can bless him with farther breath and great health but unluckily his body stopped working with the cure as no treatment or insulin was going well against the complaint.


In malignancy of all these, the medical platoon tried their stylish to save him as chemotherapy was going on too, but nothing worked ahead and at the end of the day he’d to leave the globe.

The news of Lin Brehmer’s end has caused a waterfall of sincere condolences from suckers across the world. Among the numerous paeans he entered were a slew of radio stations playing songs to recognize the long- serving DJ.

This was especially notable given that Brehmer was the firstnon-Cleveland MC to host a live remote broadcast of the home nature of the Chicago Cubs, and he did it for 20 times.

Tributes To WXRT Radio Legend

Shelly Howard.

I just learned that our best friend in the whole world, Lin Brehmer lost his battle to cancer this morning. With shock and the deepest of sadness we must carry on with positive memories of his time with us. He was a blessing. Peace be with you our brother. ❤️😞

-Jay Zawaski

This is heartbreaking. I don’t even really have the words. I’m angry. I’m sad. It’s unfair. Lin Brehmer was the best kind of person. Infinitely kind, happy, humble, positive. Someone who loved what they did more than anyone I can imagine. I used to joke about how no matter how late at night the XRT show was, Lin was there with a massive smile on his face introducing the band and loving the show. One of the great honors of my life was him telling me I had good taste in music. RIP to a Chicago icon.

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