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How Did Greg Becks Died? Owner of Becks Florist Greg Becks



Greg Becks Died

Greg Becks Died: We are sorry to announce the passing of Greg Becks, Owner of Becks Florist Greg Becks the fourth generation owner of the long-standing local florist. His death shocked everyone as he was 67 years old at the time.

He is now gone. In his obituary, he said that his family was very fortunate to have been able to do the things they did over the years. Greg’s younger brother Victor expressed sadness over his death, but he also expressed gratitude to the staff for all they did for him.

According to reports Gregory V. Becks (67), of Pekin, died at OSF St. Francis Medical Center January 14, 2023. Although his cause of death is not known, the OSF St. Francis Medical Center Adult Heart Unit reported that he had died.

How Did Greg Becks Died?

Greg Becks passed away on January 14, 2023, at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. Many were left in grief. The community was quick to post condolences and thoughts on social media after learning about his death.

You can now make memorial donations to OSF St. Francis Medical Center’s adult heart unit. People are grieving and paying Greg their sincere respects.


Greg Becks Died

Greg Becks, fourth-generation owner of the local flower shop has died. Since 1934, the business has been in existence. He was generous and benevolent. He was well-known for his generosity and good nature. He also enjoyed playing golf, reading, and Legos.

Greg was a respected member of the Peoria community when he died. Greg was known for taking his family on vacations or on adventures. His younger brother stated that he was thankful for the employees at the flower shop.

Becks Florist was owned by Greg, who claimed that it was in East Peoria. It has been in operation for more than three decades and is a fixture in the local community. Greg says that Thanksgiving is their busiest day.

Greg Becks was kind, gentle and touched many people’s lives. He loved flowers, blossoms, and plants. He loved to read and spent time with Tala, his dog. He also planted a tree in a local park as another pet project.

Greg Becks was an outstanding Becks family member and gentleman. He was a fourth generation flower vendor and loved his family, his dogs and his community.


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