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How Did Gino Odjick Dead? Former Vancouver Canucks Player



Gino Odjick dead

 Gino Odjick Dead: Now days hockey also famous also world level, In this regard, Today We will share a sad news about Gino Odjick, 52 years old, has died on 15th Jan. Gino Odjick  was a popular Canadian professional ice hockey player, and also played in the NHL (National Hockey League). It’s game more attractive during Winter Olympic.

His fans and loved ones were proud to have him as their Vancouver Canucks player for eight seasons. Many people have expressed their condolences and sorrow for his passing.

We will discuss the causes of her death as well as some additional information about him. For more article you can visit on for different catogries like US, World, and latest updates.

Gino Odjick Dead

According to the official reports, Gino Odjick dead   on Sunday 15th January 2023. His sister Dina announces his death via a Facebook page. According to his longtime companion Peter Leech, he died from collapsing just before a visit at a clinic.

Gino Odjick dead

Although there are many rumors circulating on the internet about other causes of his passing, there is no other cause that has been confirmed by her family, friends and loved ones.


Who Was Gino Odjick?

Wayne Gino Odijick was his full name. He was born in Maniwaki (Quebec, Canada) on September 7, 1970. From 1990 to 2002, he played 12 seasons in NLF (National Hockey League).

Canadian hockey’s former player Gino Odjick, 52, has died. Although the cause of Odjick’s death is not yet known, reports suggest that it was due to a heart attack.

Odjick was a Canucks player for eight seasons and is now a member of BC Sports Hall of Fame. He was also an enforcer, and was a fan favourite.

His family claims that his struggle with rare heart conditions began nine years ago when he was diagnosed as having al amyloidosis. This condition causes protein deposits in the heart muscle. Odjick fought back against all odds and was given weeks to live.

Odjick opened a letter to his family after he was diagnosed. He wrote to his fans, telling them that he would live regardless of the odds.


He was visiting Ottawa to receive treatment. Doctors told him that he would live for weeks or months. He was then sent back to Vancouver where he received treatment.

Odjick’s hometown, Maniwaki in Quebec, changed their arena name to honor him last summer. Fans chanted Odjick’s name when he was inducted into BC Sports Hall of Fame.

Gino Odjick was hardworking and loved hockey. He was a tireless worker and will be remembered by the Canadian hockey community.

Francesco Aquilini (Canucks governor) released a statement in which he expressed condolences for the Odjick family.