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How Did Frank Thomas Died? An ‘Original Met’ dies at 93



Frank Thomas Died

Frank Thomas Died: hello guys today I am going to share a shocking news about Frank Thomas, a former Major League Baseball player died. He passed away in Pittsburgh, his hometown, on Monday, January 16, 2023. He was 93 years of age at the time.

Although he was a healthy age, his family is still shocked to hear about his death. New York Mets took to Twitter to post a photo of Thomas, and said that they were deeply saddened by the loss of Frank Thomas. Here’s what we know.

Frank Thomas Died

Frank Thomas, the Mets’ original slugger, and three-time National League All-Star has died at the young age of 93. People have been coming forward to express their sorrow following the announcement. His name is now one of the most popular on social media.

Frank Thomas Died

This is because his loved ones and fans are mourning his sudden death. Everybody seems saddened by his death. As no one seems to believe that he is dead, social media has been flooded with condolence messages and tributary posts.

Who Was Frank Thomas?

According to reports, Thomas scored a homer for the Mets at their first two homes, Shea Stadium and Polo Grounds.  Frank Thomas was multi-talented and played 16 seasons for the New York Mets, Chicago Cubss, Milwaukee Braves, and Chicago Cubs. In 1962, he was one of the founders of the expansion team.


He set the Mets single season home run record of 34 round-trippers during his time in New York. He also hit a ball from Shea Stadium. Frank Thomas was a great player.

He was named to three All-Star Teams during his career, and earned the distinction of being drafted by the Pirates into the Majors. He averaged 29 home runs per year and 98 RBI over his eight years playing for the Pirates.

He was most well-known for his time in dugout. He moved to the Pittsburgh area after his retirement. His name was often paired up with the Big Donkey.

Frank Thomas is the only franchise player to have ever played for more than one team. His career was storied, with 286 home runs. His career was also remarkable. He played for 16 years with the Pirates and seven more with the Mets. The last one was from the 1962-64 season.

Frank Thomas’ passing is a sad reminder that an era has ended. His passing is a sad reminder of the end of an era in Pittsburgh sports history. The legacy of Frank Thomas will be carried on by his children, Paul Thomas and Maryanne Thomas, as well as his niece Patty Cain.


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