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How Did Dick Flavin Dead? | WBZ-TV Journalist Death



Dick Flavin dead

BOSTON: Dick Flavin dead, The man who was known as the Poet-Laureate of Boston Red Sox, died in the early morning of Thursday 29/12, at the age of 86. Yes, Richard Dick Flavin. He was a former journalist at WBZ-TV, playwright, as well as the voice for the Boston Red Sox over many years. The news that the poet has died is now out.He worked for WBZ-TV for 14 years, winning several Emmys.  People have been saddened since the announcement that he had died in the early morning of Thursday. Internet has been flooded with condolence and tribute messages. For more updates follow newslangmedia

Tributes To Dick Flavin | Dick Flavin Dead

Leslie Flavin McCarthy posted a picture of her father on Facebook and said that he had died at the age of 86. Meredith was holding her father’s hand, and the rest of his family were holding him in their hearts. He was also the Poet-Laureate of Boston Red Sox. Dick was not only a poet but also a TV journalist, political commentator, and voice of Fenway Park. He was a multifaceted character throughout his life, and he excelled at each.

Dick Flavin dead

Flavin is also believed to have written a one-man play on the life of Tip O’Neill, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. It was called “According to Tip”, and received a lot attention. It wasn’t what made him famous. His greatest fame was when he traveled to Florida with Johnny Pesky and former Red Sox players Dom DiMaggio to visit Ted Williams. Sources say he changed the plot of the poem and rewrote “Casey at the Bat”.

Let’s not forget that Flavin wrote poems about the Red Sox, and was appointed the Fenway Park public address announcer in 2013. Over the years, Flavin has maintained a blog at his website. His last post was “Who’s to Blame for the Red Sox Woes? ” It was shared six days prior to his death. It is now being revealed that he has passed away and has left behind his family in deep grief. The news is not believed by anyone and everyone has taken to social media to share their thoughts. The cause of his death is still unknown. Follow Social Telecast to receive more updates

Who Was Dick Flavin?

Dick Flavin was born in Quincy on December 7, 1936. He attended Stonehill college. Before becoming a political reporter in 1970, Flavin worked as a speechwriter, press secretary, and press spokesman for many Democratic politicians. He joined WBZ-TV-TV in 1973. WBZ-TV was his home for 14 years.


He won several Emmys. He was inducted into Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2011.Dick Flavin, a former WBZ-TV journalist, has died at the tender age of 73. He was a Quincy native and received many Emmy Awards during his time at the station. He was well-known for his social satire and for his years of announcing Red Sox games. On Wednesday, his wife Leslie Flavin McCarthy confirmed his death.

Flavin received seven New England Regional Emmy Awards during his time as a television journalist. He was inducted into The Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2011.

Flavin was a reporter at WBZ-TV, Boston before he began his career as a TV journalist. He was nominated for 14 awards as a television reporter.

Flavin’s daughter claimed that her father died on Sunday after a fall. He died six days after his last post was published, according to his daughter. It was entitled “Who’s to Blame for the Crimson Sox woes? 

He began his career as a radio journalist before moving to television. He was a political commentator and analyst, and wrote for a variety of shows. Nightly Six O’Clock News, and “According To Tip” were two of his most well-known programs.


Farrel McLaughlin started his radio career. Later, he moved to South Florida where he worked at a variety radio stations. He was an anchor on Newsmax TV and radio. He was promoted to fill-in host at the station after the station was sold in 2016. Farrel’s mother Betty, his sister Marilyn Colman, and Richard, her husband are still with him. Farrel’s nieces and nephews also survive.

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