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How Did David Onley Died? Former Broadcaster & Ont. Lieutenant-Governor Die



David Onley Died

A  shocking news come out from Ontario, Canada about David Onley. David Onley died on Saturday, 14 January 2023. He was a Canadian broadcaster, and most well-known as the 28th lieutenant governor for Ontario between 2007 and 2014.

His death is shocking news for his loved, He was a champion for people with disabilities and was also an integral part of the history of the province.

Who Was David Onley?

David Onley was born 12 June 1950 in Midland (Ontario, Canada).  According to his profession, he was a journalist. He started his career working at City TV from 1979 to 1986. Then he joined Rogers Cable 10 in 1986.

David Onley Died

Onley was a broadcast journalist for many years. His work covered science and technology reporting as well as education, accessibility, and outreach. Onley was a weather reporter for Citytv before he became the anchor at CP24 in 1999. Onley is also the founder of the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada.

Onley was Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and a member the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council as well as Rogers Centre Accessibility Council. Onley also made it a priority to support literacy and education programs for Indigenous peoples during his tenure. He stressed the importance of reconciliation.


Onley was also a special ambassador to the Pan American Games 2015. Onley received the Rick Hansen Award of Excellence after he left office. Onley was also inducted into Canada’s Disability Hall of Fame.


Onley, as Lieutenant Governor, was instrumental in the delivery of a review to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Onley criticized the previous Liberal government’s inability to meet its accessibility goals.

This review was the basis for the framework for Advancing Accessibility Ontario. He also played a key role in securing testimony from the AODA Alliance regarding Bill C-22.


David Onley Died

David Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, died on Sat 14 Jan. At 72 years old, he died. Former broadcast journalist and disability advocate David Onley, who served as the 28th lieutenant-governor of Ontario, has died at the age of 72.

After a brain scan showed that he had an inoperable tumor on his frontal brain, he was immediately transferred to the emergency department in late 2019. His brain was successfully removed by a large tumor that looked like an orange.

His cause of death has not been confirmed. However, his family will always remember his loss in the years to come.  If any latest update come out on officially Our team shared with you on

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